Buttons for
Lone workers

Make your worker’s experience radically more accessible and much easier to use.
Empower your users with physical buttons to key functions.



Fast & efficient

Give your workers an easy and quick way to communicate & share.

User friendly

Having a button allows your users to access your most used features.

Phone Free safety

When it comes to security, notifying a project is done or any other feature.


Create pre-set messages your workers can use at the push of a button


Track your machinery better and make your different workplaces more efficient

Share Location

Send the lone workers current location to your monitored response centre


Start a loud alarm from specific speakers or send emergency notifications

Request Help

Let your workers call to different stations at the push of a button

Control other devices

Activate other machines securely and safely

Internal Communication
  • Send “John has fallen in location X”
  • Project #003 has finalized
  • Record another tree
Stock & Alerts
  • John in project #208 has run out of X
  • Send “Sam has fallen in location X”
  • Emergency in location X

Simplicity is a wireless button

Connect Flic buttons to either your app for an on-the-go solution so your users can trigger your most used functions.

Button Features
Bluetooth 5 LE Long Range
3 triggers: push, double push & hold
Customizable with your Logo
LED multicolor feedback
Up to 3 years replaceable battery life
Fully programmable
Long range hub for multi users
10 meter range to phone
Rigid metal clip to attach to clothes
Works with IOS 11.4 & Android 5.0 or later

Aldea is an italian company that helps lone workers such as nurses, guardians, caretaker, etc. who find themselves in threatening situations and can request help easily, at the push of a Flic button.

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