Smart Buttons for OSC Control

Elevated Connectivity for Music Performances with Flic Buttons

What is OSC?

OSC, or Open Sound Control, is a protocol designed to enhance real-time message communication among several devices. It is often used in real-time musical performances.

OSC Control for Flic Smart Buttons

Set up OSC to control your music instruments and lights or other multimedia devices with Flic. First, make sure the OSC functionality is enabled in your software of choice. Then, you are ready to configure OSC messages, and set specific parameters, triggers, actions, or control external devices.

Compatible with all OSC software

OSC is available on iOS, macOS and Flic Hub SDK

Benefits of using OSC with Flic

Seamless Music Connection
Smooth communication between your devices, with minimal delays and precision. All with one push.
Cross-Platform Compatability
OSC protocol works across different devices, software, and operating systems.
Flexibility and Customizability
Freedom to personalize your music setup to your preferences using Flic buttons triggers: Push, double push and hold.

OSC applications

Sound Installation

Take your music performance to the next level with Flic Button. Flic’s integration with the OSC protocol empowers musicians and performers to shape their sound with precision and creativity.

Just assign functions of your choice to the Flic triggers; push, double push and hold and get hands-on control over various musical elements. From starting or stopping a sequencer, to initiating a loop recording. OSC for sound installations is implemented in many softwares like Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reaktor, Ardour, MAX and many more.

Stage Lights & Visuals

Elevate your music performances with Flic Button and the OSC protocol. From dynamic color changes to synchronized light cues.

Assign the three triggers to manage different actions at the same time. Each trigger can control a predefined configuration, changing the effects, or even the entire setup instantly. This will give the possibility of including dynamic transitions and transformations during a performance. Use Flic with OSC for Touchdesigner, LiVES, Veejay, QLab, Isadora, madmapper and much more.

Live Control of Your Instruments

Flic Button provides a versatile control interface that integrates flawlessly with the OSC protocol, perfect for every instrumentalist.

By using the three triggers, push, double push, and hold, you can command distinct functionalities of an external controller, which in turn can be mapped to specific parameters of a software synthesizer or effect. This mapping enables you to dynamically alter the sound in real-time while performing live or working in a studio setting. Works great with Gig performer, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reaktor and many more.

MIDI Conversion

Use the three triggers as OSC commands, by converting to OSC messages using MIDI-to-OSC converter. This can be possible if the external controller communicates using MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

Did you know that Flic smart buttons also support MIDI? Safe yourself the time of working from MIDI to OSC by using Flic as a MIDI controller instead. Read here how to set it up as a MIDI button.

Art Exhibitions

Use Flic buttons in interactive art installations and multimedia exhibitions to control lighting, video projections, sound effects, and other audiovisual systems.

Media and Entertainment Production

Flic can help control multimedia devices for film productions, theater, and other live events.

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