Flic Hubs

A Flic Hub is a device that links your Flic controllers (Flic Buttons or Flic Twist) with the devices and services you want to control.

Do I Need a Flic Hub?

To operate, each Flic button must be linked to a device, such as a phone, laptop, or Flic Hub. Utilizing a Flic Hub offers the advantage of not requiring a phone to be present for the Flic buttons to function. This means that buttons can be installed in your home or workplace for anyone to use even if you're not present.

Please note that for Flic Twist, a Flic Hub is necessary.

Connect your Flic Buttons to your phone for on the go solutions, or use a Flic Hub so your setup will always stay on, regardless of the presence of your smartphone.
Stationary Setup
Up to 64 Buttons
Full Home Coverage
IR Blaster (Accessory)*
Apple HomeKit*
*Only available for the HUB LR
Choose your Flic Hub
Flic Hub Mini

The Hub Mini is our newest Hub with a smaller, optimized design. It has the same functionalities as the Hub LR with a few exceptions (see table below) and it’s a great choice for basic home automation without HomeKit or IR-blaster. Just like the Hub LR it uses Bluetooth 5 Low Energy Long Range to communicate with Flic Products on distances of up to 50m (150ft). Flic Hub Mini will get Matter support when we release that during 2024.

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Flic Hub LR

The Hub LR is the option for the advanced user. It has Apple HomeKit support and is fully programmable (with our SDK). The Hub LR also includes features such as an audio jack, Ethernet connection, 5GHz WiFi, and an IR port, providing you with even more flexibility in how you control your devices. The built-in IR port enables you to control your TV, sound system, and other IR-enabled devices with your phone or tablet. Flic Hub LR will get Matter support when we release that during 2024.

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It’s easy to setup a Flic Hub

Connect the Hub to USB power, open the Flic App and add the Hub. Then, add buttons or Twists to configure them!
What is the difference between the Flic Hub LR and Flic Hub Mini?
We recommend the Hub Mini for households. Meanwhile, we recommend the Hub LR for more advanced setups and automations as well as for businesses.
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Flic Hub Mini45 mm x 15 mm
Flic Hub LR86mm x 66mm x 12.8mm
Works with Flic Twist
Works with Flic Button
Works with Flic 1 (discontinued)
Programmable with SDK
Wi-Fi Frequency
2.4 Ghz
2.4 GHz & 5 GHz
Port for IR accessory
Ethernet port
Matter compatibility
(Release in 2024)
(Release in 2024)
3.5mm Audio Out Jack
Power Port
48(diameter) x 13 mm
86 x 66 x 13 mm
$ 40.00 USD
$ 100.00 USD
Integrations already in the Flic Hub
Flic Hub LR and Flic Hub Mini both have the same third-party integrations and we are constantly adding new partners. The most popular integrations for smart home are Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Philips Hue, SONOS, and LIFX.
... and 300+ more

*New Matter-compatible HomeKit products will be compatible with Flic Twist.

Matter support
(Release in 2024)
Matter is a net standard for Smart home that aims to unite all smart home brands and devices. We are committed to support Matter to the extent that will be possible for Flic buttons and for Flic Twist, via the Flic Hubs. A Flic Hub will be required for Matter.
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