Flic Button Wristband

Reliable Attachment of Flic Buttons for Seamless Business Operations

Wearable Flic Buttons

Introducing the Flic Button Wristband—a versatile wearable accessory born from over a decade of collaboration with global businesses and insights from partners in search of a versatile solution.

Available in Matte Black and Translucent White, it is uniquely designed to optimize interactions with Flic Buttons, securely holding the Flic Button in place, providing an ideal alternative for businesses seeking a solution beyond attaching buttons to clothes.

Comfortable Design
Secure Attachment
Water and Dust Resistance
Direct Access to the Button
Available in two colours
Adaptable to Uniforms and Safety Gear
Who uses these Flic Wristbands?
Lone Workers
With the Flic Button on the wrist of a lone worker, communication with others is instant and seamless, ensuring a safer working environment and prompt response to any unforeseen circumstances.
Eldery Care
Using a smartphone can be challenging for the Elderly. By wearing our wristband with an integrated Flic Button, they can effortlessly call for assistance with a simple push, eliminating the complexities of navigating a smartphone interface; especially when time is of the essence.
In fast-paced retail, staff might need quick assistance without dealing with smartphones. With a Flic Button Wristband, they can easily call for help, streamlining communication and ensuring both swift support and improved customer engagement when it matters.
Personal Safety
Pairing a Flic Button on a wristband with a Safety App,  you can achieve instant distress signaling, without the hassle of looking for the phone, unlocking it and calling for help. This practical solution ensures swift assistance and straightforward communication in critical situations.
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How Flic Works

Three triggers. Endless combinations.


Double Push



Some of the world’s greatest companies trust Flic products to be the touch points between them and their users
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