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Get your Flic Kit and share your thoughts.

At Flic, we believe in the importance of genuine experiences and honest feedback. By trying our Smart buttons, you can provide your audience with firsthand opinions of the features, convenience, and value offered.

But that’s not all. We value our partnership, which is why we offer you a 15% commission on every purchase made through your affiliate link. That's why we're delighted to provide you with a limited edition PR Pack of our smart buttons.

Our limited edition PR Pack includes:
  • 4 x Flic Buttons
  • Flic Hub LR
  • Power Adapter
  • Sticker Sheet
Our Mission

"To make digital services more accessible and easier to use with physical controllers that anyone can use and understand.

We make technology simplify life and empower all people, not just the most interested."

What we Stand For


Technology should be simple to use and understand. That's why we value simplicity above all else.

Our products are designed to make life easier. Simplicity dictates how we design our products, work, and think.


Accessibility has two meanings:

(1) Everyone should enjoy technology's benefits regardless of abilities, and

(2) Technology should be maximally accessible where needed.


We pride ourselves on being creative and innovative people, and we want to inspire others to be innovative and creative.

Therefore, we make products with as few limits as possible and with open and transparent APIs so that anyone can use the products for creative projects and innovative businesses.


At Flic, we prioritize eco-friendly materials, great logistics and manufacturing processes to create products that are built to last. By choosing Flic, you are supporting a brand that values sustainability and strives to create a more sustainable future for all.

Our partnerships programs

Join the Flic Affiliate Program

Earn a 15% commission from each purchase through your link. As an additional opportunity, you can also get a custom discount for your followers. Please be aware that offering discounts may impact your commission rate.

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Contact us for a marketing collaboration, influencer marketing, journals and articles or other PR partnerships.

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Successful partnerships

“I’ve got this all over my house and they are my favorite Smart Button for Apple Home.”
Brad Lloyd
“I was impressed with both response time and range of Flic buttons. They have become my favorite Smart button for HomeKit.”
Shane Whatley
“I have always loved Flic buttons for doing Smart Home routines. I use it to change a room into studio mode from chill mode.”
Paul Hibberts

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