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Automate Your Business Operations with Flic - Shortcut Labs MQTT Integration

Is your company looking for a reliable, customizable IoT button solution?

With the Flic MQTT integration, you can easily connect Flic buttons and hubs to your existing IoT infrastructure and automate a wide range of actions.

Our MQTT powered push button ensures streamlined integration with your current MQTT broker and IoT infrastructure without requiring additional hardware or software.

MQTT Buttons

Shortcut Labs AB has provided consumers and large corporations with smart button solutions for over a decade.

Create your custom MQTT integration through the Flic Hub SDK.

Discover the Hub SDK

With Flic MQTT IoT Buttons, businesses benefit from:

Easy connection
Control multiple already integrated devices with just a button press.
Bidirectional communication
Monitor and control your devices remotely through a centralized MQTT broker.
Fast communication protocol
Reduce latency and improve reliability.

Industries using MQTT

Smart Home
Consumer Products
Do you want to include MQTT integration to your Flic Hub SDK? Check out the free development code on GitHub.
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