Flic Universal

Flic Universal adds a completely new range of possibilities by making your Flic Button mimic other kinds of Bluetooth devices, such as computer keyboards, mice or music instruments.


HID stands for Human Interface Device and includes most standard peripherals as computer keyboards, mice and gamepads. This means that you can configure your Flic Button to act as any of these devices and you will be able to connect it to anything that supports Bluetooth HID.

This includes Windows, mac OS and Linux computers as well as iOS and Android phones and tablets.


MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and is used in musical equipment such as music keyboards, foot switches, drum pads, etc.


To further extend the use of having a Flic connected as a HID or MIDI device it is also possible to execute key combinations and sequences. For example, if you want to start an application on Windows, you press [Win + R] to open the “Run” dialogue and then type “https://google.se” to open up a browser with this address.


Having a Flic in Universal mode can be thought of as having a wireless one-button keyboard. Here are some examples to get your creativity flowing!

  • Google Meets Mute Toggle
  • Presentation Clicker
  • Counter Strike Auto Buy
  • Record Button for Logic Pro
  • Foot Switch for JamUp


Configure a Keyboard Command

Select the trigger you want to add the command to and tap Keyboard Command

Button menu

Select Click to add an action to the Click trigger

Button menu

Select Keyboard Command

Button menu

Select Return and tap Add

Button menu

Tap Save & Disconnect to write the configuration to the button.

Your Flic is now ready to connect to a computer, mobile phone or tablet as a Keyboard. Once connected, push the Flic to send a Return key!

Connect Flic Button as Keyboard or Mouse to a Mac

Go to System Settings and go to the Bluetooth section:

Open System Settings and go to Bluetooth

Push the Flic once to make it show up in the list, then click Connect:

Press Flic and press Connect

Your Flic is now paired!

Connect as MIDI Device to Mac

Open Audio Midi Setup and make sure that the MIDI Studio window is open by selecting Window → Show MIDI Studio from the menu bar.

In the MIDI Studio window, click the Bluetooth icon.

MIDI Studio

Push the Flic once to make it appear in the list, then tap Connect:

Bluetooth Settings

Your Flic is now paired to your Mac!