We are on a mission to simplify the interaction between humans and computers, bringing back the simplicity of tactile push buttons to the connected world. Flic was the first Smart Button when we launched in 2014 as the largest Nordic crowdfunding campaign ever. Since our launch we have grown the impact of the product around the world, within retail, with high tier partnerships and within B2B solutions, while maintaining a small and young team in Stockholm. As we mature as a startup, we release new products and services to maintain and grow our position as the go-to solution for connected buttons and novel tactile interfaces. The last product to launch was the Flic Hub that makes it possible to use our products without a smartphone. In its crowdfunding campaign in June 2017 it raised more than $400k.

Flic is our main product and consumer facing brand. Along with the original Flic, we have several other models of smart buttons that are targeted to different markets. All products can be connected to iOS, Android, Mac or to the Flic Hub. There are native consumer facing apps for each platform, along with SDKs in many different flavors. The consumer apps blend our advanced Bluetooth implementation with heaps of third party APIs, along with purpose built functionality. As a user, you can choose between over a hundred different things to happen when you press a Flic button. The Android app is our flagship app, with more functionality and advanced settings than the other apps.

The Flic Dev team is a friendly and dynamic group of five highly skilled software engineers in their late twenties. Our expertise lies in low-level firmware, radio signal processing, protocol design, security, java, C# and objective C.

To fit the role you will have to fit the Flic culture and have stellar skills in your field. In the Flic culture we have no set working hours and very few meetings. The music is often loud and no-one complains when people talk, laugh, play videogames or decides to work from home. We do not generally follow any set processes in our work, instead we adapt and collaborate on everything in a fast paced environment. We learn from each other and we respect all points of view. We believe in transparency, freedom and collaborative responsibility.

You are most likely younger than 40 (at least in mindset) and have more than three years of experience working with front-end and UI, as well as a solid software engineering education. You are comfortable with Java, external API integrations and app distribution.

Your main responsibility for the short term is the Flic App for Android. The java code base for the Flic App is however also the ground for the Flic Hub firmware, with much of the code shared. In the longer term (3 months is long-term for us) your responsibilities will grow to include new development of new hardware products and support for those. Your work will be mostly consumer facing, interfacing tens of thousands of active users.

Join us in the Flic Mansion - a cozy 19th century villa at Campus KTH in Stockholm. Be a part of a fantastic team creating a global standard for human-computer interaction.

Why Flic

At Flic we strive to create shortcuts that help us find some simplicity in this complex world. We want to provide everyone with a way to find more time to do the things they love by providing products the help them take back that time. As an employee at Flic you will be part of that journey.

The people working at Flic come from a wide range of different nationalities across the world – and we all bring different perspectives to our work. We love technology and enjoy the benefit of working in teams passionate to reach our goals! Flic offers a well-balanced, holistic approach to work and offers many opportunities to grow, learn and have fun!

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