Java developer and technical project manager

Pressing a tactile button is the most intuitive, quick and simple front-end. We are the world leaders in the Smart Button market, a neglected and fast-growing segment for both end consumers and large corporations.

Originally launched as a massive crowdfunding campaign in 2014, Flic is today a young and dynamic team of 14. With over a quarter million units sold and a global presence, we are now facing rapid growth.

Flic and its sister products stay connected to one of the Flic apps, available for iOS, Android, and Mac, in which we integrate with all of the big consumer brands of the world. The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection and the integration platform are some of our core technical competencies.

However, we just launched the Flic Hub - a Hub that can be connected to hundreds of Flic buttons simultaneously. Consumers and enterprises can now use Flic buttons without a smartphone. Over 5000 units have been preordered, and it is scheduled to be delivered very soon.

The Flic Hub shares it’s Java code base with the Android App. Your main responsibility short-term will be to improve and maintain this Java code base.

Flic’s development need grows rapidly with a growing customer base, new product development and new needs for integrations.

Long-term we will need you to take responsibility of creating new systems, including enterprise-facing applications and cloud-based integrations.

- 3+ years of Java-focused development
- Experience in managing teams

The Flic Dev team is a friendly and dynamic group of five highly skilled software engineers in their mid-twenties. Our expertise lies in low-level firmware, radio signal processing, protocol design, security, Java, C# and Objective C. To fit the role you will have to fit the Flic culture and have stellar skills in your field. In the Flic culture, we have no set working hours and very few meetings. The music is often loud, and no-one complains when people talk, laugh, play video games or decides to work from home. We do not follow any set processes in our work; instead, we adapt and collaborate on everything in a fast-paced environment. We learn from each other, and we respect all points of view. We believe in transparency, freedom and collaborative responsibility.

Join us in the Flic Mansion - a cozy 19th-century villa at Campus KTH in Stockholm. Be a part of a fantastic team creating a global standard for human-computer interaction.

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