Flic Hub SDK

With the Flic Hub and Hub LR SDK you can write your own logic and put it straight on the Flic Hub and Hub LR. This enables you to create custom integrations and solutions that were simply not possible before.

With the Flic Hub SDK you can turn the Flic Hub and Hub LR into a mini computer. Think of it as a Raspberry Pi but without the hassle. Just plugin, connect and you are writing code.


Browser Based

All you need is a hub and a browser to get started.


All coding is done in JavaScript with our easy-to-use API.

Advanced Tools

Tools for debugging, bulk scanning buttons and pre-configuring WiFi.

Module Based

Your implementations are packaged in modules for portability and structure.

Simple, Yet Powerful

Our JavaScript API is designed for fast development and makes a lot of complicated things really simple, without compromising flexibility.

Regardless if you want to do a simple HTTP request or implement custom UDP sockets, we have the required tools for you.

Check out our JavaScript API Documentation to see a complete list of modules.


The Flic Hub has many capabilities to bridge the gap between wireless buttons and your project.

2.4 and 5.0 Ghz WiFi and Ethernet port will make the Flic Hub and Hub LR ideal for any network related task.

*The hub mini is not operational with the Hub SDK

MQTT Integration
Now available with the Flic Hub and Hub LR SDK


"I love the Flic, its Hub and SDK because it gives the ability to put some functional buttons in the household from where the whole family can trigger something in the house, like turning of all the lights when going to bed. The SDK gives me the opportunity to easily connect it to my Home Assistant domotica software."

André van den Berg

"Flic is a key component in our waiting management solution, thanks to the Flic and Flic hub buttons we can quickly install our waiting system in any client, such as supermarkets, clothing stores, DIY, private access, and any kind of store."

Fernando García Villarroel, COO, mShop

For Business

Device Management

The Flic Device Manager allows for scalable deployment of both custom and standardized solutions to a wide array of Flic Hubs (excluding the Hub Mini). With remote configuration and zero-setup hardware, deployment becomes a breeze.


For large scale solutions we also offer the Flic Device Manager to be able to deploy solutions on a large number of Hubs and buttons.


Managed hubs can be monitored and updated remotely without any physical access to the hub.

Flic Hub SDK Device Manager
Create Modules
Bulk Scan Buttons
Distribute Configurations