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"To make digital services more accessible and easy to use with physical controllers that anyone can use and understand.

We make technology which simplifies life and empowers all people, not just the most interested."

What We Stand For

Technology should be simple to use and understand. That's why we value simplicity above all else.

Using Flic removes unnecessary friction and boils down the experience of interacting with a service to a simple button push. Simplicity dictates how we design our products, work, and think.


Accessibility has two meanings:
(1) Everyone should enjoy technology's benefits regardless of abilities, and (2) Technology should be maximally accessible where needed.

For instance, a smartphone app behind a lock screen is not maximally accessible, while a physical representation of an app can be.


Great technology empowers its users but is seldom accessible to everyone. Some users are less interested in or are less capable of learning, configuring, and utilizing technology in the best way.

Empowerment for Everyone means that our technology should help empower all users, not just the most interested.


We pride ourselves on being creative and innovative people, and we want to inspire others to be innovative and creative.

Therefore, we make products with as few limits as possible and with open and transparent APIs so that anyone can use the products for creative projects and innovative businesses.

Our Story

Shorcut Labs AB was founded in 2013. We started as an Incubator at KTH innovation where we created Flic, the first Smart Button in the world. Shortly after we launched Flic on Indiegogo and broke the funding record for all Nordic crowdfunding campaigns.

In 2019, we redesigned our original button and created Flic Button, which was much more sustainable and gave customers a better experience.

From there we started to integrate with big smart home players while also expanding our B2B business to hospitality, healthcare and so many more industries.

Years in Business
Shipping Countries Worldwide
Buttons Shipped
Successful Crowdfundings
“The fact that it’s just a simple button also allows me to operate it hands-free.”
Winnie Yang
“One of Swedens most successful Indiegogo campaigns, it raised $800,000 -- eight times its goal.”
Madhumita Venkataramanan
The Wall Street Journal
“Sometimes a good old button is just the best way to get something done.”
Kyle VanHemert
The Wall Street Journal
“Flic is the simplest to use and best performing of an ever-growing area in the smart home world: smart buttons.”
Paul Lambkin
The Wall Street Journal
“One button to rule them all: Smart switch controls phones, lights, plays music and can even order you a pizza.”
Richard Gray
The Wall Street Journal
“Simple interactions between man and machine – such as the light switch – can remain but be performed in a smarter and more versatile way.”
Shane Hickey
Joacim Westlund Prandl
Amir Sharifat
Daniel Abdiu
Oskar Öberg
Per-Gustaf Hedberg
Head of Marketing
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