Flic 1-pack

Individually packaged


Flic 4-pack

4 buttons for the price of 3


Flic Megapack

8 buttons for the price of 5


Flic Hub

No smartphone needed


Flic Hub + 3 Flics

No smartphone needed


Flic Hub IR Accessory

Control your infrared devices



Flic is just a button. But it’s probably the most intelligent button you have ever encountered. With endless possibili- ties, Flic is for you. No matter who you are.

In your home

Mount Flics at home so everyone can use it. Control music, lights, and every connected device you have at home. If Flic does not support your things directly, you can surely use services like IFTTT, Zapier or Microsoft Flow to connect them.

For the Driver

Configure Flic to send a text message “I’m soon home” to her husband, including a link with her position to use in the car. On double click: “I’ll pick up groceries today honey”. On hold, set up Flic to reject incoming calls - you want her to drive safe!

When you exercise

Set Flic up to start/stop Runkeeper or Strava on Hold, play/pause music on Click and skip a song on Double Click. If you're doing weightlifting - use Flic to count reps. For Yoga - use Flic to set the timer!

On your bike

Mount Flic on your handlebar. Click to start/pause measuring your run with STRAVA. Double Click to skip track in your headphones. On Hold: send a message to your co-workers: "On my way, ETA 10 min."

For your phone

Click to take a picture so you can take better selfies from afar! On Double Click, set the Find Phone function, for when you can't find your phone. On Hold, consider a safety alarm text message with your location to your family.

At work

Use Flic as a presentation clicker for Keynote - that's how Apple's employees use Flic! Explore the Flic app for phones and Macs to discover incredible ways to increase your productivity, including Slack, custom HTTP requests, Calendar hacks and much more!