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Three triggers. Endless combinations.


Double Push


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Use our template file or upload your artwork as a vector file (e.g.: .ai, .eps, .svg) at least 40 x 40 mm in size. Texts, letters, and/or characters must be formatted as graphic images. The printable surface of the button has a diameter of 22.5 mm.
Minimum order quantity: 100 pcs
High resolution UV print
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Explore the Flic Hub SDK

The Flic Hub SDK offers a web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables you to write code directly on the Flic Hub. With minimal code, you can develop tailored integrations with your internal software, services, or ERP systems, whether they operate in the cloud or locally. Once your module is functional, you can seamlessly import it into the Device Manager for scalability across any quantity of Hubs.

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Customer Success Stories

"The simplicity of Flic's smart button is its strength — Bluetooth connectivity over long distances without a hefty tech investment. It's a fantastic tool, adding real value for our customers. For companies considering Flic, I recommend it—lots of use cases, projects, and Flic is responsive and knowledgeable.
Maximilian Müller
Co-founder & CEO @Pushappy
"Flic empowers our team with instant, discreet customer assistance, allowing streamlined decision-making in areas like staffing. Customers enjoy excellent service with Flic buttons for quick assistance in different areas. As Turnpike expands, Flic remains a crucial part of our offering, contributing to growth and operational excellence."
Carl Norberg
Co-Founder @Turnpike
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