Flic Inside

In the quest for simplicity, Flic can be embedded where it really makes sense, be it in a handbag, a shoe, or a fishing rod.

Creating smart and connected products is made easier than ever with Flic Inside

Why a Smart Button?

Increase User Experience

Shortcuts to Actions

Easy to set up

2+ Years Battery Life

Why Flic?

We provide hardware and solve all the difficult software challenges, right out of the box. Your only focus should be on the specific actions you want the button to trigger in your app.

Get your own custom printed smart button to match your brand and make your experience complete.

Examples of Flic Inside partners


"Bee & Kin is a smart handbag company that is at the intersection of fashion and technology. We have partnered with Shortcut labs to integrate Flic buttons into many of our accessories so our customers can find their phones, start a playlist, and more, simply by pushing a button."

Tracey Hummel

"We’ve extended our offerings by embedding the Anglr Bullseye, powered by Flic, into the first smart fishing rod called the Virtual Rod with manfucaturing partner, Abu Garcia. We’re beyond excited for the 2020 fishing season and the value we’ll bring with the Virtual Rod."

Landon Bloomer
COO, Co-founder

Integrate in 6 simple steps

We offer tutorials, sample projects and detailed documentation to make the integration process as easy as possible.

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