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Enhance digital services to improve your users experience. Empower users with physical buttons for key functions

some of our customers
& many more

Simplify customer & staff communications

All store types

Give your customers an easy and quick way to request services

Efficient services

Give your employees an easy way to improve communication between each other

Completely customizable

Flic is completely personalisable to your store, space & needs

Smart Buttons for retail
Changing room assistance

Let your customers request help while trying your products on

Shortened queuing

Notify your employees to open a new cashregister

Employee communication

Give your employees extra help by giving them a hands free communication

Request assistance

Use Flic as a request button for your customers around your stores


Notify your employees someone has come to pick up an order

Stock Notifications

Control your stock and manage it more efficiently

Internal communication
  • Stock room 5 has been filled
  • I need someone to open a new checkout
  • South entrance needs security
Customer communication
  • Changing room 6 needs assistance!
  • Someone is here to pick up an order
  • Women’s shoe department needs assistance

Simplicity is a wireless button

Connect Flic buttons to either your app for an on-the-go solution or the Flic Hub LR for stationary settings to you can control up to 63 buttons.

Button Features
Bluetooth 5 LE Long Range
3 triggers: push, double push & hold
Customizable with your Logo
LED multicolor feedback
+3 years replaceable battery life
Fully programmable
Long range hub for multi users
10 meter range to phone
Rigid metal clip to attach to clothes
Works with IOS 11.4 & Android 5.0 or later

Turnpike’s wearable platform empowers employees to improve productivity, increase revenue, and cut costs, all in real-time.

They use Flics to help customers communicate in their stores to get quicker assistance and shorten queuing times.

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