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The smart solution that automates your business, streamlines tasks, boosts efficiency, and so much more.

Wireless Bluetooth Buttons

Fast & Simple Integration
Flic Buttons seamlessly integrate with your existing solutions, allowing for easy deployment and management thanks to our free SDK's.
Effortless Customisation
The three triggers activated by Push, Double Push & Hold can be easily customised according to your needs. You choose, and our buttons deliver.
Accessible Anywhere
Compact and user-friendly, Flic Buttons can be used by anyone. Stick them to a wall, attach them to a uniform or even wear them with the Flic Wristband, and the hassle to look for a phone and use an app is eliminated.
Reliable and Secure
Fully programmable, up to 3 years battery life, LED multicolor feedback and customizable with your logo. Flic Buttons are the reliable controller that simplifie tasks and boost efficiency.

Trusted by companies worldwide

Over 650 companies have improved their user retention, sales, safety and operations with Flic.

Flic for Business use

Personalize your Flic with your own unique design or logo, making it truly yours. Add a distinctive touch by imprinting your chosen pattern or branding onto the surface, transforming your Flic into a one-of-a-kind device tailored to your style or brand identity.
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Easily check in with caregivers or send alerts and requests, streamlining communication and promoting efficiency in healthcare settings.
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Personal Safety

Alarm buttons to share location and send updates without a need to touch the phone, enhancing personal safety by providing quick and discreet communication in urgent situations.
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Count score, track repts, trigger timer, with built in buttons or remote app triggers, making it easy to monitor progress of your fitness routines.
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Communicate easily with your workers and machines, whether coordinating tasks, signaling for assistance, or managing operations.
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Facility Management

Whether it's streamlining communication, triggering specific actions, or automating routine processes, Flic buttons provide a quick and efficient solution to boost overall workplace productivity.
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Provide support precisely when and where their staff and customers need it, by offering a quick and accessible means of communication.
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Lone Worker

Simplify and streamline your workers' tasks with intuitive physical buttons for key functions.
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Ensure onboard connectivity for drivers is simple and secure. Empower users with physical buttons for key functions.
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Schools & Child Care

Track activities, boost efficiency, and simplify operations in schools, daycares, and child-centric businesses with Flic buttons.
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Smart Buttons to boost your business
The most popular controllers among businesses
Flic Button

Our best seller. Ideal for any triggers!
Choose from push, double push and hold.

  • Up to 3 years battery life time
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Long Range
  • Superior reliability, speed and range
  • Wearable or placeable anywhere
Flic Hub LR

For businesses seeking advanced capabilities, the Flic Hub LR offers an exceptional solution. Works together with our Flic Button.

  • Full support and programmability through our SDK
  • Frequency band of 2.4 GHz, 5GHz
  • Ethernet connection
  • Includes an Audio jack and an IR Port

Wearable Accessories

Flic Button Metal Clip
Rigid metal clip to attach Flic to clothes, keychains, or apparel.
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Flic Button Textile Attachment
An accessory to attach Flic to textile surfaces
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Flic Button Wristband
Effortless access to a Flic button on your wrist
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Button Tech Specs

Up to 3 years battery
(replaceable CR2032)
3 Triggers: Push, Double Push, Hold
Bluetooth 5 Low Energy
& Long Range
Splash Resistant
Works with IOS 11.4 &
Android 5.0 or later
Operation frequency of
2.402 - 2.480 Ghz
Downloadable PDF for in-depth specs

Explore the Flic Hub SDK

The Flic Hub SDK offers a web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables you to write code directly on the Flic Hub. With minimal code, you can develop tailored integrations with your internal software, services, or ERP systems, whether they operate in the cloud or locally. Once your module is functional, you can seamlessly import it into the Device Manager for scalability across any quantity of Hubs.

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Explore Device Manager

With Flic Device Manager, your business gains the capability to remotely deploy, configure, and oversee Hubs and Buttons. This delivers a seamless, effective, and adaptable solution tailored to meet the needs of any business.

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What our B2B customers say about us

"The simplicity of Flic's smart button is its strength—Bluetooth connectivity over long distances without a hefty tech investment. It's a fantastic tool, adding real value for our customers. For companies considering Flic, I recommend it—lots of use cases, projects, and Flic is responsive and knowledgeable.

Maximilian Müller

Co-founder & CEO


"Flic buttons have transformed the way I run everything—now, I can tour the world solo. Without the need for a team of tech engineers and a fleet of computers, I am the only tech engineer, even when on stage. Their super simple and robust design hasn't failed me at all. A must-have for streamlining operations!"

Lutz Hollmann-Raabe



"Flic empowers our team with instant, discreet customer assistance, allowing streamlined decision-making in areas like staffing. Customers enjoy excellent service with Flic buttons for quick assistance in different areas. As Turnpike expands, Flic remains a crucial part of our offering, contributing to growth and operational excellence."

Carl Norberg



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1. Is there a License required to use your Software development kit?
Unlike other Smart Home platforms we provide our SDK license free.
2. How much does the software development kit cost?
Included in the kit are guides and example apps for most major platforms. We provide these free of charge.
3. We will be using the Buttons with our own exclusively branded application/solution. Do you have only flic branded buttons?
In case you want to raise the profile of your own brand, we are able to colour print your logo on each Button. Contact our Sales dept for more information for bulk purchasing of exclusive printed buttons.
4. Is there only one colour of Flic button?
No - for bulk purchasing of Business branded Buttons we have them in white and matt black.
5. How can l use the Buttons in a stationary environment so anybody can pick up a button and use it?
Instead of the button being paired to a single Mobile phone, it can be paired to a Hub. This allows anyone to use the button eg: as an alarm, call for service, switch of lighting etc
6. How do you deliver the Buttons?
They are delivered on recyclable trays, wrapped in protective bagging/cartons and securely delivered using FedEx. Each delivery is allocated a tracking number meaning you can track the dispatch from our door to yours.

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