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Smart buttons

Flic button

Flic is the original Smart Button. It can be used with the Flic Apps, the Flic App API and with the Flic Hub.

Flic is made out of a high-quality soft-touch silicone which gives it an exclusive feeling. Just as with PbF, the click feeling of Flic has deep travel and high operating force for a clear tactile confirmation.

It comes in four different colors: Black, White, Turquoise, and Green. The back plate of Flic can be removed to change the battery or to attach Flic's plastic wearable clip.

Powered by Flic

PbF is the go-to solution for a cost-effective smart button with your own design and the best option for volumes. It is the only solution that can be used with the PbF SDK, which allows you to integrate the buttons directly to your app.

PbF is constructed in a hard white plastic with a soft touch coating that makes it resilient, matte, and satisfying to touch. The click feeling of the button is rigorously engineered with a deep travel and high operating force to give a clear tactile confirmation.

Ordering is quick and can be highly customized to your business needs. The sturdy metal clip-on accessory can be used for wearing the button or attaching it to a keychain. Packaging options ranges from none (delivered in trays) to entirely customised gift/PR boxes.

Use cases

Make events interactive

Send emergency


Order pizza

Send emergency alarms

Send money to savings account

Pie Tops Shoes

Aler factory staff

Connectivity protocol

The Flic Hub allows you to connect hundreds of individually configured buttons at the same time.

Flic App for iOS, Android and Mac is free to use and already has hundreds of integrations.

The Flic App API is free to implement in your App to receive direct commands from the buttons.

The PbF SDK allows you to connect the buttons directly to your app.

Getting started

Order starter-kit Looking for a Flic as a corporate gift instead?