Custom smart button solutions

Flic is a wireless button with industry leading reliability, security and speed.

Adaptable to almost any use case or application. Flic is the most trusted and cost-effective solution.

Simply push a button to:

Send emergency alerts
Request service or support
Share location
Alert staff
Replenish and reorder
Control your applications

I just want buttons

You've come to the right place. We provide physical push buttons and the means to connect them to any app or business system in a simple, straight forward, and cost effective way.


Decide which Smart Button you want.


Decide how you want to connect your buttons.


Decide what happens when your buttons are pressed.

Smart buttons

High quality wireless Bluetooth Low Energy buttons that can control anything.

Flic has a replaceable battery and can be bought by anyone worldwide. It is bound to the Flic App and you can use the Flic API in your app to talk to the Flic App.

PbF (Powered by Flic) will have your logo on and can be connected directly to your app. It’s internal battery lasts for a couple of years, and there is an excellent clip-on accessory.

Connectivity protocol

Flics proprietary connectivity protocol ensures an unmatched reliability, energy efficiency and speed.

The Flic Hub allows you to connect hundreds of individually configured buttons at the same time.

Flic App for iOS, Android and Mac is free to use and already has hundreds of integrations.

The Flic App API is free to implement in your App to receive direct commands from the buttons.

The PbF SDK allows you to connect the buttons directly to your app.

Use cases

What happens when you push your buttons is entirely up to you and your business need. Here are some examples of what some of our customers have done.

Send emergency alarms

Make events interactive


Order Pizza

Send emergency alarms

Send money to savings account

Pie Tops Shoes

Alert factory staff

Getting started

The quickest way to get started is to order one of our starter kits.

Looking for a Flic as a corporate gift instead?

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