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Welcome to Flic for Business, B2B button solutions that makes digital services easier to use and more accessible with the help of smart wireless buttons. Flic buttons are small, reliable, and incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking to increase security, optimize your production line, or enhance your customer experience, Shortcut Labs has custom solutions that scale and adapt.

Some of the world’s greatest companies trust Flic products to be the touch points between them and their users.

Procter & Gamble

Trigger Your App

Superior reliability and speed with Flic’s Bluetooth Low Energy smartphone integrations.

IoT Buttons for locations

Use The Long Range Flic Hub for installations in homes, industries and offices.

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Up until now, our agencies have been using the Flic-branded buttons, but we recently designed custom-branded Visual Labs Flic2 buttons!

We are excited to see them use the buttons and leverage any suggestions they have.

Alex Popof
CEO of Visual Labs

Bee & Kin is a smart handbag company that is at the intersection of fashion and technology. We have partnered with Shortcut Labs to integrate Flic buttons into many of our accessories so our customers can find their phones, start a playlist, and more, simply by pushing a button.

Tracey Hummel
CEO of Bee & Kin

Having a partnership between OnSong and Flic has been wonderful. They are a great team of people and an amazing, innovative company that keeps improving.

We are thankful to be able to work closely with them and integrate their product with ours!

Dakota Kibler
Marketing Director of OnSong

You are in Great Company

Make Events Interactive
Send Emergency Alert
Warehouse Management
Consumer Behavior Data
Open the app handsfree
Send Money
Smart Office Buttons
Alert Factory Staff
Superior reliability, speed and range
Proprietary communication protocol using Bluetooth Low Energy Long Range (Coded PHY)
Up to 3 years battery lifetime
User exhchangeable CR2032 Coin Cell battery with battery monitoring
Sticks to any surface
Re-usable adhesive that allows for easy attachment to any surface

Wearable Accessories

Flic Button Metal Clip
Rigid metal clip to attach Flic to clothes, keychains, or apparel.
learn more
Flic Button Textile Attachment
An accessory to attach Flic to textile surfaces
learn more
Flic Button Wristband
Effortless access to a Flic button on your wrist
learn more
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