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The Flic Hub for Business product offering consists of two parts: The creation of custom logic modules using the Flic Hub SDK, and to distribute and monitor logic modules to an unlimited number of hubs using the Flic Device Manager.

The Device Manager allows you to upload modules and configure many hubs and buttons, completely remotely from anywhere in the world.

Custom logic module created.
Logic module is added to a configuration and assigned to hubs.
Configurations are pushed to the hubs via the cloud.
Monitor and service your solution remotely.

Flic Hub SDK

The Flic Hub SDK is a web based IDE that lets you write code straight on the Flic Hub.

With just a few lines of code you can create custom integrations with your internal software, services or ERP, regardless if they run in the cloud or locally. When you have your working module, you can import it into the Device Manager to scale it across any number of hubs.


Flic Device Manager

The Device Manager is a web portal where you can configure and monitor Flic hubs remotely.

You create a configuration, apply it to any number of hubs and the hubs will automatically download and install the configuration within minutes.


The Device Manager saves you time, resources and money by letting you remotely configure and monitor an unlimited number of Hubs through a web browser.


For large scale solutions we offer the Flic Device Manager to be able to deploy solutions on unlimited Hubs and buttons.


Managed hubs can be monitored and updated within minutes remotely.


Logic modules run locally on the Flic Hub. This means that your solution is not dependent on the cloud and is also great for speed, integrity and security.

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  1. Explore the SDK.
  2. Get test Hub LR & buttons here with 10% off with the code DEVICEMANAGER.
  3. Build your solution with the SDK
  4. Contact us for access to the Device Manager.

The Flic Hub Device Manager has allowed us to scale our solution much faster than before. Deployment of our system into large clients such as McDonald’s and BAUHAUS Sweden would be almost impossible without it.

Maximilian Müller
CEO of PushAppy

Flic is a key component in our waiting management solution, thanks to the Flic and Flic hub buttons we can quickly install our waiting system in any client, such as supermarkets, clothing stores, DIY, private access, and any kind of store.

Fernando García Villarroel
COO at mTurn

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