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The Flic Hub Device Manager has allowed us to scale our solution much faster than before. Deployment of our system into large clients such as McDonald’s and BAUHAUS Sweden would be almost impossible without it.

Maximilian Müller
CEO of PushAppy

Flic is a key component in our waiting management solution, thanks to the Flic and Flic hub buttons we can quickly install our waiting system in any client, such as supermarkets, clothing stores, DIY, private access, and any kind of store.

Fernando García Villarroel
COO at mTurn
Device Manager Across Industries
Increase sales
In the fast-paced world of retail, every second counts. Flic Device Manager empowers your retail team by streamlining tasks of your choice. Enhance customer service efficiency, simplify staff communication, get up-to-date product information and more.
Enhance productivity
Efficient warehouse operations are vital for meeting customer demands. Minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and reduce errors by using Flic Device Manager as part of your processses.
Improve customer service
Delivering exceptional guest experiences is the key to success for the hospitality industry. With Flic Device Manager, you can simplify the management of tablets, reservation systems, and order-taking devices.
& many more...

Flic Device Manager Explained

The Device Manager empowers you to remotely deploy, configure and manage Hubs and Buttons. This offers a streamlined, efficient and scalable solution for any business.
With Flic Device Manager you can:
  • Build a quick demo: A Twilio integration to send text messages, emails or make phone calls is available to get your demo ready with no coding required
  • Scale easily: Expand your solution according to your or your customers needs
  • Monitor remotely: Remotely monitor battery status, connectivity and uptime
  • Manage your solution: Group by location, customer or solutions. Remotely deploy new software or updates to a specific Hub or a group of Hubs. Easily update WiFi credentials at a specific location and more

Start your journey to IoT empowerment today by signing up for our free tier and experiencing the future of device management!

Key Features

Monitor Hubs and track button activity
Keep an eye on your hubs' online status and track button activities in real-time. Our timeline feature provides a 30-day history of button clicks and hub connectivity.
Create Custom Modules with Hub SDK
Use our SDK to program the required behavior for your hubs. Upload them easily to the Device Manager and assign them to as many hubs as you want. This can also be done remotely when the hubs are already out in the field e.g. at your customers store.
Effortless Module Deployment
Deploy your custom modules across multiple hubs with just a few clicks. Save time and resources by remotely configuring your IoT devices.
Meta Data Management
Modules which take into consideration parameters can be assigned to hubs alongside with meta data. Meta data can also be stored on the buttons to make them different from each other even if they are handled in the same module.
Streamlined Wi-Fi configuration
Wondering how to offer the easiest setup process for your own clients? Wifi settings can be saved on the hub before shipped to customer so that the customer can just plug and play and the Hub connects to their WiFi.
Group management
Manage multiple hubs, buttons, modules, and settings efficiently by grouping them. Ensure consistent behavior for all devices within a group.
Effortless Hub Registration
Adding hubs to the Device Manager is as easy as entering the serial number and verifying your ownership with a physical button trigger.
Battery Status Monitoring
Stay informed about the battery level of your buttons. Check their status remotely and take action before they stop working.
Last-Clicked Feature
Identify buttons quickly by checking their last-clicked timestamp. Ensure they're still functioning correctly.
Ready-Made Modules
Get started in no time with our pre-designed modules. Assign them to your hubs and make minor adjustments as needed.
Twilio Integration
Use the Twilio module to send text messages, emails, and perform predefined calls when a button is clicked. Stay informed and take action instantly.
Firmware control
Choose whether you want a specific firmware version or always the latest one. Keep control of your IoT devices' performance.


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Explore the Flic Hub SDK

The Flic Hub SDK is a web based IDE that lets you write code straight on the Flic Hub.

With just a few lines of code you can create custom integrations with your internal software, services or ERP, regardless if they run in the cloud or locally. When you have your working module, you can import it into the Device Manager to scale it across any number of Hubs.

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