The best emergency response buttons

The importance of rapid response and immediate aid during an emergency cannot be overstated. Seconds can make all the difference when a crisis strikes. MultiBel understands this urgency, providing an emergency notification system used by over 3,000 organizations worldwide. Paired with Flic’s innovative technology, MultiBel’s emergency notification system gains an extra edge; from the powerful BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology and matching product design. Flic’s user-friendly buttons, coupled with MultiBel’s system, create a powerful combination that revolutionizes how swift assistance is delivered during emergencies without compromising the efficiency or range of their solution.

Quick, reliable solutions in critical moments

In critical moments, the seconds lost fumbling for a phone, unlocking it, and locating the right app for help can be crucial. Imagine if all it took was a simple push of a button to call for help. Flic buttons, easily affixed to uniforms or worn on wrist straps, seamlessly integrate into any system through our fully customizable and free Software Development Kit. Their simplicity ensures usability by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Even more advantageous is their versatility—a single button capable of executing three different tasks with a push, double push, or a hold. Flic equips partners with all the necessary tools; All they have to focus on is setting up the desired actions.

Why physical Bluetooth buttons for emergencies?

Flic Buttons offer a discreet and immediate solution in times of emergencies. Picture this: a healthcare worker in a bustling hospital, a lone worker in a remote location, or an individual facing an emergency. In these scenarios, simplicity and swiftness matter most. Our Buttons provide a tangible and easy method of calling for help without having to deal with the complexities of modern devices. MultiBel, already a trusted system in many Dutch hospitals and healthcare institutions, complements this urgency perfectly with its emergency notification system. Paired with Flic buttons, caretakers benefit immensely; doctors, nurses, and staff can instantly alert security or emergency response teams with a single push, ensuring rapid assistance without disrupting their critical tasks.

Similarly, in isolated environments or high-risk occupations, these buttons provide a sense of reassurance and security. Having a discreet yet powerful tool to signal for help can make all the difference. Flic’s decade-long experience across various industries has shown that buttons are not just gadgets—they’re lifelines in critical moments.

The versatility of Flic buttons extends beyond healthcare or lone workers; various sectors, including hospitality, manufacturing, and retail, have experienced the advantages of these inconspicuous yet powerful devices.

Interested to see what Flic can do for you? Contact us today and let’s explore how Flic buttons can revolutionize your emergency response or alternate system; it’s seamless and effective across all industries.

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