Lone workers face many challenges due to their changing work environments and varying risks. Whether it is a personal safety or medical risk, emergencies can occur throughout various work sites. WorkSafe Guardian is a professionally monitored lone worker safety app that provides workers with the technology to be proactive about their safety and be able to seek help with the push of a button during an emergency.

Making Flic smart button a safety alert activator

There was a need of an additional and easy way to activate an alert, as some WorkSafe Guardian users may not be able to reach their smartphone or wanted a discreet way to activate an alert. WSG found Flic to provide them with a smart button that would integrate to their app to activate an alert or manage their welfare timers. Since Flic provides hardware and software tools for integration, WorkSafe Guardian developers only had to worry about the setup, allowing quick and affordable implementation without the need to redesign the app to spend redundant hours integrating.

The WSG app and the customized Flic buttons

The process of integration from WSG’s perspective

According to Rachel De Nobrega, Digital Marketing & Communications for WSG; the process of integrating Flic buttons to the WSG app has been effortless and allows users to pair the button to their WSG app with ease. The button has been programmed to control a welfare timer with one and a double push, as well as activating a safety alert by Press & Hold. Moreover, thanks to the rigid metal clip, users have an easy access to the button since they can put it on their uniforms.

How Flic has benefited WSG’s solution

Flic has aided us in achieving our vision as the product has been robust and reliable. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Flic and improving our solution through their product development and innovative technologies” says Rachel. We are looking forward to developing further our partnership and assist to lone workers safety in Australia and beyond.

Flic gives you all the tools you need to add a physical button to your app or service and improve the customer experience and your revenue streams.

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