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The wireless smart button
that can control lights play music take pictures find your phone track time snooze alarms navigate unlock doors make calls order pizza set the mood share location

Flic with outline

How it works

Flic is a small wireless button that you can stick anywhere. It connects to your iOS or Android device and works right from the start.

Click, Double Click & Hold

Flic can be triggered in 3 different ways:
click, double click and hold.


Start playlist

Double click

Take photo

Post on wall


Dim lights

Turn on Xbox

Flic with clip
The Flic app with its actions list

Adding actions

Use the Flic app to add your favorite actions. It's really easy. Here's a few examples.

Control your smart home with a Flic.

Flic is integrated with your home automation tools. With just one click, you can turn your lights on, raise the room temperature and turn on your favorite playlist.

Smart home

Never lose your phone again.

Stop asking people to ring your phone when you lose it. Just place a Flic on your wall, and if your phone is near, Flic can easily ring it so you know where it is.

Find your phone

Simplicity that matters.

We know your grandparents usually don't know cell phone numbers by heart. We don't know ours either. Make calling your loved ones easily accessible and not buried in an address book.

Simplicity matters

Your personal photographer with just one Flic.

Put your phone on the shelf and let everyone be in the picture. Let Flic be your photographer and take a picture for you without having to be near your phone. Flic integrates with your phone's camera shutter function so you can have everyone in your picture.

Take a selfie with Flic

Safety is a click away. Keep your loved ones safe.

Flic will alert your friends and family with your exact GPS-location if you're ever in trouble. Flic integrates with your phone's GPS functionality to keep you safe.

Be safe with Flic

How to setup Flic



Flic works right from the start.


Choose function

The Flic app comes packed with options


Stick it anywhere

Use the restickable dot to attach it to any surface

Native apps for both Android & iOS devices.

The Flic app works great on both Android and iOS. It’s available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

Flic Android and iPhone app

Works with selected Android devices using Android 4.4 or later with Bluetooth 4.0.

Works with iPhone 4s, iPad 3rd generation & iPad Mini (or later).

Flic comes in your favorite color

Flics in beautiful colors

Things you can do

Control your lights

Flic integrates with Hue, LIFX and much more.

Play music

Play your favorite playlist in the morning with our music integrations.

Take picture

Put your phone down and be part of the picture. Flic integrates with the camera.


It's a pain to time yourself during a workout, use Flic to turn your timer on and off.

Send distress signal

Safety is a priority. With a Flic, send a text message to your friends with your location.


Flic can let your phone direct you home safely.

Let someone in

Someone at the door? Flic integrates with smart locks to unlock the door.

Make a fake call

On a tinder date? Have your phone ring on demand so you can dine and dash.

Order pizza

We know you have pizza on speed dial, place your order automatically with Flic.

Find your phone

Make your phone ring on demand. Never lose your phone again.

Set the right mood

Dim the lights, raise the room temperature and turn on your romantic playlist.

Share location

Let your friends know where you are and your ETA. (Note to self: stop being late)

Call your favorites

Make it easy for Grandpa to give you a ring. This is the new version of speed dial.

What's behind the magic

Exploded view of Flic showing how it's built


Flic is a button engineered with design in mind. It has the perfect satisfactory click feeling you can expect from buttons on your most used gadgets.


Flic has a soft colored silicone overmold that feels amazing to touch.


Flic is engineered to withstand weather and dust. It works just as reliably outdoors as indoors.


The intelligence of Flic is packed on a PCB smaller than a Quarter. Still, we have managed to obtain an amazing range and capacity.


The battery will last up to 18 months. Still, we wanted Flic to last even longer. The battery is a standard coin battery that can be easily replaced.


Flic comes with a re-useable, double-sided adhesive. It can stick to any surface and if it gets dirty, you just clean it with water and it will work just as good again.

The team behind Flic

We are a Swedish team of entrepreneurs and engineers with a shared passion for building awesome products. We have been working to bring Flic to the market for over a year. We are so proud to finally be able to share it with you.

Early adopter

Be one of the first