Flic 2 + Flic Hub LR

Perfected Smart Button, available in October


Flic Original Smart Button

Control apps, services, and devices
with a simple push.


What can Flic do?

Find out



1000+ of devices, services and apps controlled in one place

Easy to use

10-second set up and simple enough for all ages

Long battery life

Built to last for up to 18 months

Control Lights

Play Music

Track Time


Present Keynote

Call Uber

Ping My Phone

And much more...

Automation in a single click.

Control thousands of your favorite devices & services

Resistant and sustainable

Control your smart home

Boost your productivity

FlicLights... focused purpose and reliable performance lend it an elegant simplicity.

David Priest, CNET

Flic is creating value in the physical Internet-of-Things world.

Wall Street Journal

Lets you hit a physical button to get your favourite pizza delivered

Matt Brian, Engadget

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Flic button

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The Flic Hub

Connect your Flic Buttons to your Smartphone or to the Flic Hub

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