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Flic Button Textile Attachment
A small accessory created with LumeoTech that elevates your Flic experience. Attach it to the textile of your choice and control your favorite devices with a button within the reach of your hand at your sofa, clothing, or other textile surfaces.
Contains: 1x Flic Textile Attachment
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How does the accessory work with Flic?
It's simple. Remove the protective layer of your Flic button, stick your button to the attachment, place it on the textile of your choice, push the lever of the accessory and that's it! To remove the accessory from your textile, just push the lever back and remove it.
Get Inspired
For your sofa

Control your entire living room with ease, from the comfort of your seat.

Some examples are:
Easily control your TV: Switch between channels, streaming services, or simply turn off the TV after a long day.
Turn on and off your lights, making it easier to relax or prepare for sleep, while also saving energy.
Open your blinds without having to get up or use a separate remote control.
For your bed

Your favorite bedroom functions with a simple push without having the need to leave your comfy bed.

Some examples are:
Activate, snooze, or turn off your alarm with a single push.
Play your favorite music or podcast from your bed and start your day with energy.
Ask for help from a family member or a caregiver with a pre-written message that is sent by pushing the button.
For your car

Access to car functions without diverting the attention from the road.

Some examples are:
Send pre-programmed messages like “I am on my way” without having to use your phone.
Use a Flic button to activate the navigation app or get directions for a place of your choice.
Play your favorite songs on your way to work.
For your safety & convenience

With the Flic textile attachment you can have your Flic button anywhere you go, attached on your clothes!

Some examples are:
Share your location to a trusted contact in case of an emergency.
Use your button as a trigger to take pictures of you and your loved ones.
Monitor how often your baby is eating or keep track of how long the baby has slept and if they wake up.