For all of us here at Flic, meeting our partners gives us joy because we get to see how our products can benefit solutions around the world and meet passionate individuals who aim to have an impact. We had the pleasure to speak to Torsten Morgenroth, the CEO of Swiss Delicious, who is the perfect example of a motivated individual who had a simple idea in 2009 which today has grown into a scalable call system for services, guests, and customers.

What is the solution?

Imagine being in a packed restaurant, eager to order. You raise your hand, trying to catch a server’s attention, but amidst the hustle and bustle, they don’t notice. You wait, growing increasingly frustrated as your hunger grows, yet the chance to place your order seems out of reach in the chaos of the busy restaurant. What if with a simple push of a button placed on your table, your request is instantly relayed to the staff’s smartwatches with specific data so that they know exactly how and where to help? No more waving or waiting in frustration for customers, while management can allocate resources more effectively while reducing costs

How does it work and who does it help?

The core of this solution is a call system that can be used by Restaurants, Hotels, and Retail stores according to their needs. Flic buttons are easily integrated into the system and can perform up to 3 tasks each. Whether it’s a service request, maintenance call, or specialized assistance, Flic buttons are precisely programmed to ensure the right personnel receive timely and tailored information, streamlining operations and elevating customer satisfaction. Beyond immediate functionality, they also provide invaluable statistical insights, empowering establishments to refine service strategies and allocate resources efficiently.

Smart, not analog. Buttons that work anywhere.

Torsten explains that they decided to partner with Flic not only for the compact and customizable nature of the buttons but also for their utilization of modern technology, a stark contrast to other buttons in the market relying on outdated signals and bulkier batteries. Swiss Delicious has already transitioned to Flic 2 buttons, benefiting from their extended battery life and tactile responsiveness, among other notable advantages. The solution is used in various types of businesses and during our online call, we witnessed firsthand the practical implementation of these buttons in one of many entertainment halls, strategically positioned across various areas, streamlining service requests. Staff members are happy with this implementation as it enables them to respond promptly to various calls for service, enhancing their efficiency and overall workplace satisfaction.

At Flic we are committed to supporting partners like Swiss Delicious, enhancing service solutions globally, and connecting with passionate individuals driven to make a meaningful impact across different sectors.

Do you want to be one of our partners? Reach out and let’s collaborate to create seamless, tailored solutions that elevate your business!

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