Four ways to transform your in-store experience using easy to integrate Flic buttons

Despite the increasing popularity of online shopping, in-store shopping remains important as it allows customers to have a more personalized and immediate shopping experience. In today’s competitive retail landscape, providing a great in-store experience is crucial for attracting and retaining customers. One innovative solution that has revolutionized the way retailers engage with their customers is Flic’s Smart Buttons. Designed and developed in Sweden, these small but powerful controllers have for more than 10 years been integrated by businesses in various industries around the world.

In this article, we explore how Bütema AG, a company which specializes in providing hardware and software solutions for retail for more than 30 years, teamed up with Flic – Shortcut Labs and added the wireless Flic 2 buttons to their retail offerings in their German customers’ stores, empowering retailers to engage with their customers in a whole new way!

In-store automation 1: Product information

Imagine you’re in a store and you see a product you’re interested in but would like to learn more about. You would then have to look for it online or ask for help from a store employee. Our buttons solve this problem with a simple push: show all relevant product information on a screen in-store, trigger a pre-recorded description of the product on small speakers or any other thinkable helpful content. By offering instant access to information, the in-store experience is enhanced with no need for customers to search for information. The information and experience shared can be fully controlled and curated, facilitating omnichannel customer engagement.

In-store automation 2: Product Comparison

Sometimes it can be hard to decide which product is best suited for you, especially when you are given many options. Flic buttons make this process easier when programmed for an on-site product comparison. In this case, buttons can be placed near the products that should be compared with each other, where each button can be assigned to a specific product along with others worth comparing it with. When customers push one or more buttons, information appears on screen, featuring information about the products and all relevant data that can facilitate the decision-making process in a fun and interactive way.

In-store automation 3: Self Checkout

Having long queues and waiting times for customers decreases the quality of the shopping experience and makes it hard for employees to effectively manage a store. Self checkout registers are introduced by an increasing number of retail stores, allowing customers to manually scan and pay their products. In many cases, stores feature both traditional and self checkout registers. All it takes to switch on the self checkout is simply a push of a Flic button! No need to navigate to complicated interfaces or being taught how to activate the software, employees can just push a Flic button and continue with their other tasks right away.

In-store automation 4: Checkout control system

Another way that Flic buttons are currently used is as a check-out control system, mostly in large department stores. A Flic button is attached to the cash register, which shows the customer which cash register is free after the cashier has pressed the button. This decreases waiting time and enables a better check-out system, all with one push.

These four ways are only some of the possible ways of making retail interactive and engaging by using Flic buttons. Thanks to their versatility and the free SDK that we provide, they can be programmed based on the needs of your app or service, not only in retail but in many industries.

The CSO/COO of Bütema AG Lutz Hollmann-Raabe says about the partnership: “We have already implemented a number of demo projects with Flic buttons and new ideas are still being added. Some of our customers are also currently using the buttons in their retail stores. You are welcome to view the use cases in our showrooms in Bietigheim-Bissingen and Munich.”

By incorporating Flic Buttons into your store environment, you take the customer experience to the next level. From fashion boutiques to electronics stores and beyond, Flic Buttons provide a simple, interactive, and informative solution. Contact us today, we are more than happy to help you take your retail efforts to new heights!

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