Flic Twist – Double Pack
A one-of-a-kind smart home controller. Packed with features and fully configurable for advanced users yet accessible for everyone in the family. Push, double push, twist, and push & twist. Each feature unlocks complete customization of your lights, music, blinds, and all smart home devices.
Contains: 2x Flic Twist
A Flic Hub is necessary to use Flic Twist.
Expected shipping Q2 2023.
Discounts are not eligible on Twist pre-orders.


You can setup Flic Twist with four different actions. Push, double push, twist and push & twist. Each feature unlocks complete customization of your lights, music, blinds and all smart home devices.

Dim Lights
Control Music
Toggle Blinds
Trigger Routines
Replace Voice Commands
Blend Scenes
Smart Dimming

Smart dimming adapts intelligently to vivid color scenes or different volume settings. For example you can now dim lights at different brightness, if your ceiling lamp is very bright and your side lamp is not, therefore dimming exponentially.

Advanced Dimming

When rotating you can adjust brightness, color, or saturation simultaneously. Sequence the lights and even add events.

Some examples are:
Adjust brightness and color temperature simultaneously
Use Advanced Dimming to turn on different lights in sequence one after the other.
Combine Sequencing with brightness and color temperature
Scene Blender

Flic Twist’s innovative Scene Blender mode allows you to preset up to 4 different light scenes. It fades smoothly between your scenes so you can select just the level in between that fits your mood for the moment.

Some examples are:
Blend Scenes and Adjust Brightness
Shift Music between rooms or to the entire house

The Selector allows you to select up to 12 custom triggers to activate or adjust. Each position is referred to as clock positions in the app, 1 to 12 o’clock.

3 o’clock: Activates an Alexa Routine
4 o’clock: Starts playing Jazz in the Kitchen
5 o’clock: Opens all blinds
Technical Specification & Features
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Flic Button
Flic Twist
Battery life
Up to 3 years (CR2032 repleaceable battery)
Up to 2 years (AAA repleaceable battery)
8.3 mm x 29 mm
20 mm x 65 mm
Indoor range
Up to 50 m
Up to 50 m
Green, yellow and red
12 Neutral White LEDs
Flic Hub, Hub LR & Hub Mini,
iOS, Android & more
Flic Hub, Hub LR & Hub Mini,
iOS, Android & more
Push, double push & hold
Push, double push, twist, push & twist
Light control
Set a color, brightness, setting
Smart Dimming, Scene blending
Music control
Set a song, specific volume,
playlist toggle music
Select song from playlist, tune
volume, toggle music
White or black, extra icon stickers
White, Black and Limited B&W,
extra icon stickers
Learn More About the Flic Button