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Want to add Smart Button support for your app?

We’ve got you covered.

This means, if you have an app and you would like to have a physical button to trigger an action, you can now do it.

Share your location
Push panic button
Send “I am ok”
Order is ready for pickup
The order was picked up
The order was delivered
Record a lap
Pause workout
Next exercise
Request a ride
Accept ride
Ride is finished
Start recording
Stop recording
Pause recording
many more!

Flic Button has new public SDK’s for Android and iOS. This will let you implement Flic support directly into your app.

Not only will you for creating a superior solution for your users, you can also create a new source of revenue.

Why implement Flic support?

Superior User experience
Additional revenue stream
Physical Brand awareness

The Flic Button

Customizable with Your Logo

Have your own logo or text printed on the pushable surface of the button.

Sticks to any Surface

Re-usable adhesive works like a magnet but for any surface.

Replaceable Battery

Flic Button last for years on a standard coin cell battery that can be easily changed.

Rigid Metal Clip

Attach to clothes or key ring for easy access on the go with the clip accessory.

Powered by Flic

Get your own custom printed smart buttons to match your brand and make your experience complete.

Increase the user experience of your application with shortcuts to your desired actions. From here on, your customers can access your functions with the simplest user interface in the world – the push of a button.

We provide hardware and the software tools for an integration, and you only have to worry about setting it up. Your only focus should be on the specific actions you want the button to trigger in your app.

Some of our current users


Control your Dr. Dish basket ball shooting machine with Flic.
Easily measure your distances during rally recognitions.
Record sport events at the push of a button.
Record your fishing trip to have a full overview of your catches.

Delivery & Transport

Internal communication within driving system and driver safety.
Smart parking at the push of a button.
Order pizza at the push of a button.
Push to talk button.

Safety & Surveillance

Push and hold to place an emergency call or send your location.
An emergency call system for the fastest first aid at the push of a button.
Lone worker app with an emergency button.
A panic button for safety.


Thermal Imaging, Night Vision and Infrared cameras.
Regenerative veterinary medicine devices.

Integrate in 6 simple steps

We offer tutorials, sample projects and detailed documentation to make the integration process as easy as possible.

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