The Smart Button for Sonos

Control your Sonos speaker simply with a single button.

Play, Pause or skip a song
Play, Pause or skip a song
Control your Sonos wireless speakers without taking your phone out. Place a Flic in the kitchen, by the entrance or wherever you need it.
Good Night Lullabies 🌙
Good Night Lullabies 🌙
With the press of a button, Sonos speakers will fill the room with soothing lullabies, creating an atmosphere for your little one to peacefully fall asleep to.
Concentration Mood
Concentration Mood
Immerse yourself into a state of deep concentration by kickstarting a playlist, whether it’s white noise or your personal concentration playlist.

Simple music control for the whole family

The Flic Smart Button allows you and your family to control your Sonos smart speakers with a push of a button. Place Flic buttons anywhere in your home and then push to set your music volume, to start your favorite playlists, skip a song, or play and pause. Controlling your music has never been easier!

You can add actions to the three triggers; push, double-push, and hold. This enables you to perform multiple actions with just one button, like push for play/pause, double-push for skipping the song, and hold for turning music and lighting off when you leave.

Sticks to any Surface

Re-usable adhesive works like a magnet but for any surface.

Take it with you

Re-usable adhesive works like a magnet but for any surface.

Place Anywhere

Re-usable adhesive works like a magnet but for any surface.

Get started with Flic for Sonos

Set up Sonos with Flic

You only need a Flic Smart Button and a Sonos smart speaker. In case you want other family members to be able to use the Flic buttons when your phone is not nearby, or if you want to trigger playlists, you will also need a Flic Hub.

Pair your Flic button
Open the Flic app and sign in to your Flic account. Once you're signed in, follow the instructions to pair your Flic button via Bluetooth. If you have a Flic Hub, start by plugging it to a power outlet, and then add the Hub in the Flic App before pairing the button to the Hub.
Link your Sonos speaker through the Flic App
Tap the plus sign on either Push, Double Push, or Hold to add an action, and then select Sonos from the listed alternatives. Tap Setup to discover your Sonos system. Allow the necessary permissions for the Flic app to access your Sonos system and make sure you are on the same WiFi as your Sonos system.
Set up actions in the Flic App
Configure the specific Sonos action you want to assign to your Flic button. This can include starting a Sonos playlist, playing/pausing music, skipping tracks, adjusting volume, or any other supported Sonos commands.

Music Made Effortless: Sonos and Flic - The Perfect Duo

Control Your Music

Take complete command over your music with the Flic Smart Button integrated with Sonos. With a simple push of the Flic Button, you can effortlessly play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust the volume of your Sonos system. Enjoy the convenience and freedom of managing your music with ease.

Smart Home Integration

Seamlessly incorporate your Sonos system into your smart home routines and enjoy effortless control. Imagine waking up to your favorite playlist, as you push the Flic button on your bedside table. Or picture yourself effortlessly transitioning from a relaxing evening to a lively gathering by simply pushing the Flic button on your way to the living room. No need to reach for your phone or walk to the speaker. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and let your smart home work in harmony with your music.

Customizable Actions

Personalize your music experience with the Flic Smart Button's customizable actions. Assign unique commands to the Flic Button and unlock a world of possibilities. Transform your favorite Spotify playlist into a Sonos playlist or listen to your favorite local radio station. You can even control other smart home devices in your home, such as dimming the lights or adjusting the thermostat.

Integrate your Sonos actions with other Smart Home actions and elevate your music listening experience with incredible convenience and personalization.

How Flic Works

Three triggers. Endless combinations.


Double Push



stars rating

Amazing button that works perfectly - I use them mainly with Sonos. Great service with delivery.

Johan Lindvall
stars rating

Works really great with my Philips Hue lights and my Sonos speaker. Have the music button in the shower. Really impressed


Questions and answers

1. Does the integration with Sonos work without a Hub?
Yes, the Sonos integration works on iOS, macOS & Android by only using the Flic button. However, in the case of triggering a Playlist for iOS devices, you will need a Flic Hub.
2. How do I get Sonos systems to appear in the Flic App?
Please make sure that your device or your Flic Hub is on the same Wifi as your Sonos system and that you can find your Sonos system in your Sonos app.
3. How can I use Flic to start a Spotify Playlist on my Sonos System?
To do this, you must first convert your Spotify Playlist to a Sonos Playlist. Luckily, that’s very easy! See Question 4.
4. How can I transform a Spotify playlist into a Sonos Playlist?
To transform a Spotify playlist into a Sonos Playlist, go to the Sonos app and locate the Spotify section or menu. Find the playlist you want to transform. Tap and hold on to the image of the playlist (or right-click it if you are on a computer). You need to find and tap the option “Add to Sonos playlist”. From here, you can add the songs to an existing Sonos playlist, or create a new one. This is the only way to make the playlist appear in the Flic app. On Android, you only need a Flic button. However, playlists on iOS are only supported on the Flic Hub. Discover the power of effortless music control with Sonos and Flic - the perfect duo for music lovers like you.

Discover the power of effortless music control with Sonos and Flic - The Perfect Duo for music lovers like you.

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