Button for LIFX

Control LIFX lights and scenes with a simple push of a button. Flic 2 is the smallest and fastest switch for all LIFX lights.

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Smart Light Switch

Toggle single bulbs, downlights, strips and more

Trigger Lighting Scenes

Conveniently placed Shortcuts to your favourite scenes

Toggle all lights

Reliable and fast push-button that fits anywhere.

Flic and LIFX – The Perfect Couple

Flic makes the perfect LIFX button, giving you control over all your LIFX lights with the simple push of a button.

Use Flic smart buttons to control your LIFX lights instead of using your app or your light switches. Flic buttons can control all your connected lights, toggle scenes, dim to the right mode, and control other smart devices. You can place them anywhere, anyone can use them, and they can control practically anything. Flic buttons are the new smart switches for LIFX - everyone in your home will love them.

“Finally got the new generation. Its quicker, has better response, longer range and battery. I even got my wife and kids to use them!”

Anders Granholm

“I got a Flic 2 for my husband to change the music sheets from his trombone and he is obsessed with it”

Leah Norris

“Integrating Flic with HomeKit is a breeze. And the ability to start my TV, dim the lights and turn on the popcorn machine in one click, is unbeatable.”

David Karlsson

Upgrade & Simplify Your Life

Create powerful combinations or simple life hack shortcuts.

Leave home with confidence

  • Turn off all smart lights, smart plugs, sounds and TV
  • Lower the temperature and close the window blinds
  • Send a message to work or have a valet bring your car
  • Place buttons by your door and free yourself from worries every morning

Kickstart Your Morning

  • Brew coffee while starting your morning exercise routine
  • Turn on the morning news or inspiring music
  • Avoid the distractions of looking at your phone
  • Avoid voice commands that could wake your partner up

No frills mood control

Getting the perfect n’chill feeling doesn’t have to be complicated. Light the candles, pop the corn and let a button do the rest.

  • Turn on sound and entertainment with a simple push
  • Let the temperature be at your fingertips
  • Impress your guests and get them in the right mood instantly

Sticks to any Surface

Re-usable adhesive works like a magnet but for any surface.

Replaceable Battery

Flic Button last for years on a standard coin cell battery that can be easily changed.

Customizable with Stickers

Make it clear what each button does with icons in the sticker pack accessory.

Place Anywhere

In plain sight for anyone to see or secretly hidden under the table.

Flic – The Wireless Smart Home Button

Flic buttons can do so much more than LIFX control. Control thousands of devices and services with a simple push of a button.

Three triggers. Endless Combinations

Smart light switch on push, smart music switch on double push, and wake-up routine on hold. It is never complicated to send a command with a Flic button.


Double Push


Simple Setup in the Flic App

Anyone with a smartphone can do it in a minute.


Plug it in

The Hub appears in the
Flic app directly.


Add your Flic

As soon as you push it,
it will appear in the app.


Pick your function

Choose from hundreds
of combinations.

The Flic Hub is recommended in most cases, but not required. Flic buttons can connect directly to phones, tablets, computers, and more as well.