Imagine being in the supermarket, you can’t find a product and you push a button and a robot arrives to help. Sounds like a movie, but it is the result of our partnership with Temi.

Temi robots are personal assistants, currently working in the best-in-class hospitals, clinics, stores, shopping malls and also at people’s homes. It is the first robot that truly interacts with humans providing seamless autonomous navigation, dynamic video and audio experiences as well as advanced AI.

How we came together

There was a need to call robots remotely in an easy and fun way, in order to add interactivity and a surprise element to the product. Since Temi robots are working in various settings, the company was looking for wireless buttons that can be placed anywhere and can be integrated with Temi without spending a lot of money and time. Temi then came in contact with us here at Flic, the world leader in smart buttons. We are proud to meet Temi’s high standards and expectations, enhancing the user experience with a simple push.

Flic buttons can be placed anywhere and allow endless ways of use. Pedro Kaplan, Temi Director for Brazil and Latin America, explains that Flic will be used to call Temi at shopping malls, supermarkets, elderly care homes and hospitals; to be used by doctors, calling Temi when they need help. Pedro adds that the Integration process has been easy, programming Temi to go to a certain place with a push of a Flic button within two seconds.

Below you can watch some examples of Temi and Flic in action:

What’s next for Temi and Flic?

We are penetrating more segments and clients and expanding our portfolio with new robots. We always offer Flic as an option with Temi and focus on all its advantages in the user experience. We see a lot of possibilities ahead. This is just the beginning!

Pedro Kaplan, Robotec Director- Temi exclusive distributor for Brazil and Latin America

Temi’s partnership with Flic increased customer engagement and sales while reducing costs thanks to the automated solution.

We would love to discuss how we can help enhance your app or service as well. Learn more about our Retail solutions or contact us here.

Emmanouil Katsoulakis

Marketing Associate

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