To retain our positions as world leaders in the smart home controller market, it is essential that we exhibit at the largest consumer electronic show in the world. But what is the real reason that we go to CES year after year? If your company is having doubts about participating or you just interested to read about our experience, you might find this article helpful.

Upon returning from CES, Las Vegas, our team was asked: Was it worth going? Those who have been to similar exhibitions might know how difficult it is to translate the value or the return of such excursions mostly because the value is an invisible investment in relationships. But what sort of relationships?

Overview of the Red Rock Canyon on the outskirts of Las Vegas during our time there

As a consumer brand, we at Flic are in daily contact with businesses and consumers, but at the core, it’s all about people. Although we enjoy the discussions with all of them, we consider our customers the most important. Our customers are not just helping us to pay the bills but they also hold us accountable to stand for our promises. 

When we run a crowdfunding campaign, thousands of backers, current and future customers, trust us that we ship their new Flic products as we promised. We want to show that we treasure their trust by making ourselves visible, thus accountable at the largest tech expo in the world. At one of the most important tech exhibitions, they can ask us about our progress and we proudly discuss all the hardships and successes that we accomplished. And our customers do so!

Multiple Flic users visit our booth year after year. It was enlightening to hear how existing Flic owners explained our products to their friends and colleagues, or shall we say, future Flic users. There were multiple people who just stopped by saying thanks for developing a product that made their life easier. And these people did not belong to only a single group but they represented the globe, any gender, any nationality, any culture, or any age, ability, or disability. It was an incredible feeling to see how our products make the life of people, simpler every single day.

Hosting our visitors at the Flic booth

In the past couple of years, it was especially difficult to survive all the global shocks that we all experienced. But our customers keep inspiring us and helping us remember why we should go forward. CES helps us to make our relationship even stronger, by seeing, talking, and interacting with each other. For this help, the least we can do is to show our products and our progress at CES to make our partnership even stronger. Although this might be a significant investment, it is invested in the right thing, connections with our customers.

Most of the onsite Flic team

So, was it worth going to CES? Only time will tell. What is certain is that we will do our best to be there again next year. We hope we see many of you at CES 2024!

Gábor Tatár

Operations Manager

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