Let’s face it, using smartphones has become second nature for people, especially for younger generations who were raised in the digital age. However, not everyone is as tech-savvy. Many elderly have to adapt to the constant technological developments which can be complicated as they spend most of their lives without using a smartphone.

The founders of the Italian company Vox Me identified the need to create an easy-to-use mobile app for the elderly who live alone and can request help when needed. By using the app or voice command, 5 trusted contacts are notified via a call with full information on the help request, and once accepted, the person asking for help is informed of who is coming to help.

Smart buttons to activate alerts easily

Many customers explained how they needed help but were unable to use their phones or even their voice. The need for a wireless button that can be seamlessly integrated into the Vox Me app button was conceived, to simplify the call for help. Voxme partnered with Flic to upgrade their services by providing an extra level of independence and security for the customers since a Flic button can be placed anywhere without any wires and can even be put into clothes with the rigid metal clip.

The Vox Me app with customized Flic buttons

Quick and affordable integration

Bruno Musa, CEO of Vox Me explains that the integration process with Flic and the Vox Me app was straightforward, allowing the development team to use Flic libraries for both iOS and Android. It makes perfect sense since Flic offers everything: Software Development Kits, libraries, guides, and even an example app so developers have an easy workload without any additional costs for your company. Learn more about the Flic Developers assets here.

The impact of Flic on Vox Me’s service

Flic buttons will be offered to all Vox Me customers, enabling them to be independent of other devices to activate their service. There are plans underway to expand our combined offering to other markets, such as Brazil, where Vox Me is also present. In Italy, the main market of Vox Me, a promotion campaign will soon be launched where all customers will be gifted with many buttons, completely free of charge.

Integrating Flic smart buttons into your app or service benefits both you and your customers without the need for a high budget.

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