“Our partnership with Shortcut labs has been a powerful enhancement for our users on Anglr who are pairing the Anglr Bullseye – powered by Flic to the fishing experience had on the water. Most recently we’ve extended our offerings by embedding the Anglr Bullseye, powered by Flic, into the first smart fishing rod called the Virtual Rod with manfucaturing partner, Abu Garcia. We’re beyond excited for the 2020 fishing season and the value we’ll bring with the Virtual Rod.

– Landon Bloomer, Founder & President 

Anglr is a fishing intelligence platform built for anglers by anglers that consists of a free fishing logbook app that syncs across mobile and web devices. The app lets their users build private, powerful, personal fishing analytics always at their fingertips to help plan, record, and improve their fishing.

Using your phone to track your fishing journey is great, but there is an obvious obstacle in having to pick up your phone, unlock it and open the app just to pinpoint a location, especially when out fishing. This is why Anglr started looking for a wireless trigger to activate frequently used actions within the app.

In 2018 Anglr found and implemented Flic support with the Anglr app and they are using all three triggers, One-push privately records catches. Two-pushes mark private waypoint, and hold records specific gear changes. It’s that convenient to keep the phone tucked away as you go fishing.

Since then, the Flic button has been a large part of the Anglr app success. The Bullseye, as their custom branded Flic is called, is sold by Anglr on multiple online channels and selected fishing gear retailers across the US. The Bullseye also comes in a bundle with a premium subscription, making it a great product for on-boarding new customers.

In the Spring of 2020 the company partnered up with manufacturer Abu Garcia and took fishing gear to the next level by creating the world’s first connected rod. Following the launch of the Virtual Rod by Abu Garcia, Anglr is in discussions with several other gear manufacturers with the aim to embed Anglr connected buttons and create a full suite of connected fishing gear.

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