“Our bags are meant to provide the wearer with technology that provides convenience and reduces stress. We chose Flic because we believe that their product fulfils those two initiatives, along with the fact that they create high quality products, and they work closely with our team to ensure that the technology is working as it should. It has been an adventure! I was able to meet the team in person at the CES Convention in Las Vegas this past January and it was wonderful. We are so lucky to be working with such a great team of individuals.”

– Tracey Hummel, Founder

Bee & Kin is luxury handbags and accessories with a twist. They offer a modern play on classic shapes incorporated with DesignTech for a dynamic lifestyle. With the finest materials they strike the right note between style and function. Their mission is to make modern accessories that make life more convenient and help you be more present.

Tracey had originally read about Flic in a technology newsletter and realized that many of the functionalities, like find my phone and start a playlist, would be great to have in a bag. In October 2018, Tracey reached out to Shortcut Labs and the partnership started to evolve. 

“Shortcut Labs have been incredibly supportive of what we’re doing at Bee & Kin, and it has been a great relationship ever since.” – Tracey Hummel 

Some favorite actions are find my phone, send a pre-programmed text or start a Spotify playlist.

For example: If you’re desperate to get out of a meeting that’s running long, you can push the button to have your cell phone ring, or if you’re on your way to meet your best friend for a cocktail, you can push to send a pre-written “5 min away” text as you get off the subway. In addition to these little life hacks, Bee & Kin aims to make their customer more present as she navigates through life by pushing a button instead of using their phones. 

About the Company 

Tracey Hummel founded Bee & Kin, in May 2019, because she felt there was a gap to fill in the luxury handbag market that fused technology with fashion that revolved around the modern woman.  Her experience with top brands such as Tory Burch, Salvatore Ferragamo, and David Yurman gave her a solid foundation in the accessories industry.

“For as long as I can remember I wanted to create classic accessories with a twist—beautiful products with exciting features that support you like family. I found myself struggling to find things in my bags and really envisioned different ways of tying in tech to make my search simpler. I realized that I wasn’t the only person with this struggle, which propelled me toward building Bee & Kin.” – Tracey Hummel, Founder

Bee & Kin bags can be found beeandkin.com

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