“We loved how creative, functional, and easy-to-use Flic smart buttons were. We saw a great opportunity for OnSong and musicians to utilize Flic’s solution for performing multiple actions from a single button.”

Dakota Kiebler, Marketing and Media Manager

OnSong is an app that helps musicians both onstage and offstage to be as efficient, prepared, and confident as possible in their performances. OnSong was originally developed by OnSong’s President to be a resource for his worship team to allow them to import, store, and edit their chord charts digitally on their iPads rather than carrying around large binders full of paper. Since then, OnSong has grown to be used by musicians of all kinds, from bar bands and cover bands, to ukulele groups, to singer-songwriters, to professional touring musicians like Phil Collins or Pete Townshend!

OnSong has worked with Bluetooth foot pedals for a while, but their larger size and restrictions in terms of where they can be placed could sometimes present issues. On the other hand, Flic smart buttons are small and mobile enough that they can be placed anywhere, even on your instrument, so that a quick press or double-tap of your finger can turn pages within OnSong, start or stop backing tracks and a metronome, and perform over 160 other customizable actions!

“Having a partnership between OnSong and Flic has been wonderful. They’re a great team of people and an amazing, innovative company that keeps improving. We’re thankful to be able to work closely with them and integrate their product with our’s!”

Dakota Kibler – Marketing and Media Manager

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