About Rigado
Rigado provides managed sensor data infrastructure for commercial spaces. IoT solution providers use Rigado gateways and software to deliver real-time visibility for enterprise customers.

Why the need for a wireless push button

The Flic button provides an easy way for Rigado to enable a low cost, low power alerting mechanism in a variety of environments. It is useful in smart office and safe workplace environments as well as retail custom service.

Their business case

Rigado recently introduced Flic as part of their Presto Kit launch. Within the first month of launching the kit, not only had they seen high demand for it but they already taken some customers to pilot, with the Flic button playing an important role in enabling use cases for those customers.

Working with Flic

“Working with Flic has been great- they were very quick to turn our concept into a working product with a customized design. We were able to make the Flic button work with our Cascade gateway with no help at all, and the performance has been very reliable.

What’s the next step for Rigado? 

We will continue to promote the Presto Kit, and include the Flic button in future versions of it so that customers can easily see the benefits of the integration. Ultimately we hope to see a lot of scaled deployments utilizing Rigado and Flic together!

– Steve Gorretta, Director of Product.

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