About PulseVet

Pulse Veterinary Technologies (“PulseVet”) is the global leader in veterinary shock wave technology, and manufactures the ProPulse® and VersaTron® family of products. 

Shock wave is a non-invasive, high energy sound wave therapy that can improve the quality of and accelerate the speed of healing following musculoskeletal or soft tissue injuries, and assist with wound or bone healing, primarily with dogs or horses, but can be used on almost any animal. 

PulseVet’s products are backed by over 20 years of clinical research and used by the leading veterinary clinics, rehabilitation centers and Universities worldwide.

Why PulseVet needed a Smart button

Our old shock wave device had an air pressure foot switch activator, which was overly cumbersome.  An equine veterinarian might have to lift a horses leg, hold the handpiece to the horse, and step on the activator foot switch at the same time, which we would jokingly refer to as “shock wave yoga”

It was not practical to have a hard-wired activation switch on the handpiece, so the Flic button is ideal.

Flic is in charge of the Activation (start, stop, and reset) of our equipment.

Flic (the blue button) is in charge of the Activation (start, stop, and reset) of our equipment.

How has the process of integrating Flic into your system been?  

Excellent overall.  There are occasionally challenges with customers losing the Flic button, but we send two with each system.  Synchronizing a new Flic button can also be a minor challenge, since it requires WiFi connection for the first connection, and our customers are frequently working in locations without WiFi (barn or stable).

(This is solved with Flic 2 as no internet connection is needed to connect the buttons).

What are your future steps as both a company & with Flic? 

We will be looking to upgrade our device in 2 – 3 years, and anticipate that Flic will continue to be an important part of our product.

Read more about PulseVet and their technologies.

Adding Flic buttons to your app to trigger actions of your choice, upgrades the user experience and can create an additional revenue stream. Are you interested to learn more on how Flic can elevate your app? Check our Business site or contact us, we would love to tell you more.

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