No more talking. Trigger your Amazon Alexa commands with the push of a button.

With Flic buttons, you can now trigger any Alexa routine faster and more reliably – with a push of a button.

Talking to voice assistants can be frustrating, slow, and inaccurate, especially for frequently used commands. What if you could push a button instead? Flic just made that a reality – a button for Alexa. The release makes Flic the only available push button that can activate Alexa actions.

Flic Smart Buttons can now trigger Amazon Alexa commands.

Speaking out loud to make your voice assistant turn off all lights, play your music, or start the heater in your car feels great initially. But the hundredth time you yell the same command, hoping to be understood correctly, it can start to get feeling repetitive. 

Using Flic buttons, Alexa users can now trigger their everyday routines faster and more reliably by simply pushing a button. 

What you need to set Flic 2 with your Alexa system:

How to set up a Flic 2 with your Alexa system

In the Amazon Alexa App, you can choose Alexa Actions, Alexa Skills, or Alexa Routines. You can also type your exact voice command and have your buttons trigger that.

“There have been two large gaps on the market since Amazon discontinued their Dash and Echo buttons. We now provide a solution that can bridge both the re-ordering capability of the Dash and the Alexa capability of the Echo button,”

says Joacim Westlund Prändel, founder of Flic.

Some examples of what you can create with this new integration

Read more about the Flic & Alexa integration at

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