Flic 2

What is Flic? 

Flic is a Smart Button: a small and wireless push button that you can use to control apps, devices, and services. The main benefit of Flic is the convenience of simply pushing a physical button rather than using different apps or voice commands. The latest version of Flic is called Flic 2.

What can I use Flic for? 

You can use Flic buttons to control smart lights such as Philips Hue, LIFX, and IKEA Trådfri; to control music systems like SONOS and Spotify, run smart home routines, control third-party devices and services, and much, much more. Flic buttons are very versatile. Many companies use Flic buttons to control their own apps and systems. 

How do I use Flic? 

You can configure Flic buttons in the Flic App. There are three ways to trigger a Flic button: push, double push, and hold. You can select different things to happen when you push, double push, or hold each button, and you can select many things to happen in a row on each trigger. 

How does Flic work? 

Flic uses a proprietary implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with a receiver. Each button has to be connected to a receiver to work. The most common receivers are Flic Apps for iOS, Android or Mac, or the Flic Hub. Flic 2 can connect to any BLE-enabled computer if you configure it to be a HID or MIDI button, in which case it emulates a computer keyboard, mouse, or MIDI instrument. 

What is Flic Hub? 

Flic Hub LR

Flic Hub is an optional small gateway made for Flic buttons. You can connect many Flic buttons to a Flic Hub and then configure in the Hub what each Flic button should do. The Flic Hub is then connected to the internet or a local network and can execute commands from the Flic buttons. 

There are two versions of the Flic Hub: Flic Hub and Flic Hub LR. The latter is newer and differs from the former in that it supports Bluetooth LE Long Range and Apple HomeKit. 

Who makes Flic? 

The company behind Flic is called Shortcut Labs. We are a small startup from Stockholm, Sweden. Hello! 

A factory in Taiwan assembles Flic 2 and all Flic Hubs, and a factory in Malaysia assembles all older versions of Flic. 

What different versions of Flic buttons are there? 

Flic 2 is currently the only Flic button that Shortcut Labs produces. However, there were a few versions of Flic buttons before Flic 2. All of the old versions are still supported. 

Original Flic

The original Flic had silicone coating in different colors: White, black, teal, green, yellow, and white glow-in-the-dark. 

Flic Single: Flic Lights, Music, Find, Location, and Camera

The Flic Single series were lower-cost white hard plastic and single-purpose buttons with their function printed on the top. These included Flic Lights, Flic Music, Flic Camera, Flic Location, and Flic Find. For example, the Flic Music buttons could only control music applications and devices. Shortcut Labs discontinued Flic Single in 2017. 

Powered by Flic

Powered by Flic were Flic buttons that different companies could buy with their logos on, integrated into their own apps and systems. 

Flic 2

Flic 2 has replaced all previous Flic versions. They are made in white and black and can be ordered as-is or custom with different logos or symbols on top. 

What should I use a Flic button for? 

You can have Flic buttons all over your house, your car, or even in the office. You can stick them to any surface with the adhesive tape on its back or carry them around using the clip accessory. As long as your Flic is in range of its receiver (Flic Hub, a smartphone with the Flic app, etc.), you can place them anywhere. Even outside, since they’re weather and dust resistant.

Here are some examples: 

At home, use Flic to help you with your morning workout. With a single push – turn on your music, start your timer, and have Runkeeper track your workout. With a double push – keep track of your workout reps. By holding Flic down for a second – hang-up any incoming calls that might interrupt your workout.

In your car, use Flic to help you keep your hands off your phone. With a single push – play and pause your music, send a text message to a specified contact that you are on your way, and start your navigation system. With a double push – skip to the next track. Hold Flic down to share your location with a specified contact.

In your office, use Flic to help you manage your time. With a single push – set a timer, and at the same time, slack a post to your colleagues that you should not be disturbed. With a double push – send a mail to a group of people informing them that the meeting starts in 5 minutes. Lastly, hang up your incoming calls with the hold trigger when you are in the middle of a meeting. 

There are hundreds of different things you can do with your Flic buttons. 

What are others saying about it?

Many hundreds of thousands of Flic smart buttons have been sold and shipped to over 110 different countries. The press loves it, and CNET even made a cool video of their five favorite use cases for Flic.

How do I get Flic?

You can order Flic here.

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