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Our favorite staying home hacks using Flic

I’m busy / come in light

Inspired by April, let your new coworkers (your family) know when you are in a call or not, so they know when they can come and disturb you with snacks.

Movie time

Movie night, every night.

Set up a Flic to dim the lights, stop the music and start your favorite show.

In order to avoid conflicts, please do not watch a show without the person you were watching it with.

Change Music while showering

Hate getting your phone wet while showering and wanting to change that one song you hate?

Pop a Flic button in your shower for an easier morning.

Meeting time!

Notify your colleagues on Slack that it’s meeting time. Give them a heads up when it’s time for a online Swedish Fika break or set up a beer O’ clock message notification.

 Easy access to pre-set Slack messages are fun and useful.

Bed Time

One button, everything off!

No apps, no voice, no running around turning everything off.

Literally, just a button push and you’re set. Go to bed, get your sleeping schedule back to normal.

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