If you’re looking for a stocking filler with a difference or a gift to unlock endless possibilities, Flic has your festive fun buttoned up.

Flic is the perfect gift for any of your nearest and dearest, whether that’s uber cool teenagers or a gadget-loving grandparent. From controlling smart devices through to automating text messages, here’s our guide on who to give the gift of Flic to and some of the super fun ways it can be used.

🤳 The Teenager

It’s undeniable that selfies are all the rage with teenagers. With Flic, they can level-up their selfie game by taking pictures from afar with the push of the button. It can integrate with their favorite music streaming service, send pre-programmed messages (which even include their location!) to parents and even help them find their phone when they (inevitably) forget where they last put it.

🚴 The Cyclist

Cyclists love having the latest gear. If you have a friend or a loved one that’s dreaming of Tour de France glory one day or simply loves a cycle to the office then Flic is a great gift. Here’s how it could work – on one click: start tracking their ride on Strava. On double click: skip the track they’re listening to on their headphones. On hold: send a message saying: “On my way, ETA 10 mins.” As an added bonus it can also be easily attached to the handlebar!

🏃 The Runner

Sticking with the active theme, runners can use Flic in many of the same ways as cyclists with the added benefit of being able to use the wearable clip included with Flic. As well as Strava, Flic also works with Runkeeper.

👶 The New Parents

If you have kids then you’ll recognize the familiar argument among new parents of who changes the most diapers. It can quickly become a bone of contention in any household! Flic can help diffuse the arguments before they even begin by helping you track who changes the most – just like these parents did.

👵 The Grandparents

Forget teenagers, we know many a grandparent who is constantly glued to their smart devices! But sometimes, getting their tablet or phone to do what they want can still be a bit tricky. With Flic, they can do everything from starting and stopping music or an audiobook to easily calling loved ones, toggling the lights and even muting a pill alarm.

📱 The Gadget Dad

Dads love gadgets and, with smart homes now becoming so easy to set up, Dads are discovering their own slice of paradise. As a present, why not bundle up Flics with a Flic Hub and LIFX light or two – you could even set this up for them and trigger different lighting modes on a click or a double click. They’ll LOVE it!

🙋 The Busy Mom

Modern Moms are heroes hiding in plain sight. And most of them are always juggling a hundred things at once. So anything that can make their lives easier must be a good thing, right? A Mom can configure Flic to, on one click, send a text message to her partner or children saying “I’m home soon”, including a link with her current location. Or on a double click how about sending: “Can you pick up the groceries?” Then on hold, setup Flic to reject incoming calls – because all Moms deserve the opportunity to have some peace and quiet when they want it.

💼 The Office Worker

Anything to brighten up the lives of office workers is usually welcomed with open arms. You can set Flic up to change slides on their Keynote presentations – just like Apple’s employees do! What’s more, Flic has remarkable integrations for work, including Slack, IFTTT, and Microsoft Flow.

💡 For the Venture Capitalist, Investor or CEO in your life

If you have someone who finds it hard to dodge meetings that suck both their valuable time and energy then Flic is the savior. Set-up a fake call or discreetly send a Slack message to a colleague for an easy but efficient way to get out of a meeting.

💻 The Coder or Programmer

Coders and programmers love Flic. From making magic happen with a Raspberry Pi to automating builds of their code in Xcode using the Flic Mac app, there’s any number of possibilities for them to enjoy Fli. They can while she’s create their own app to work with Flic! (See the SDKs here)

💞 For the serial dater

Maybe it’s a sibling or a close friend but most of us know that certain someone who is a serial dater. They love to impress and, with Flic, they can take their cool factor up to the max. Flic is perfect for changing the lights, playing music and “setting the mood!”

🔎 For the Secret Agent

Obviously, no one knows an actual secret agent because this information is classified. But if you did, they’ll love being able to secretly record conversations and take photographs with the push of Flic.

Flic is just a button. But it’s probably the most intelligent button you’ve ever encountered. No matter who you are, or who you’re buying a gift for, there are countless possibilities lying in wait for you with Flic.

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