November 11th might be Singles’ Day but we want to talk about date nights.

Single or not, we all have an image in our head of the perfect date. For some, it will be mood lighting, champagne, and candles, while for others it might be a crazy party and a night where sleep is the last thing on your mind. Dates come in all shapes and sizes but this doesn’t always mean they’re good. And, actually, bad dates are right up there with some of life’s most awkward moments.

We’ve all been there; it starts with high hopes and ends with shattered dreams. And we feel stuck when a date starts going downhill fast. We want to get out but there’s no polite way of doing so. The evening is unraveling before our eyes and we have no way of controlling it… but what if we did? What if we could push a hidden button to keep control and steer the evening the way we want?

Well, fear not dear reader, for we have the perfect date companion for you. Think of Flic as your very own knight in shining armor (like Brienne of Tarth but smaller). It will always be at your side and when you need saving, all it needs is a push.

Here’s how it can help…

1. Launch your escape plan and get saved by the bell

If your Tinder date isn’t going the way you planned and you’re secretly wishing you swiped left, then push the emergency date escape button and trigger your fake call – make your excuses and find the nearest exit.

2. Make them leave your home

Escape plans are all well and good but what if you’re at your home? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. Get Flic to send a text message to your phone. We find this one from an irate parent works well: “YOU HAVE A LOT TO EXPLAIN. I’m on my way over to you and will be there in 5 minutes.”


If things are even more extreme and you don’t want them to ever come back, push the button to trigger your smart lights to flicker on and off, while your stereo plays spooky music and the creepy video from The Ring appears on your TV. Start screaming that the ghost is back and watch them run for the door.

3. Call in the cavalry

Sometimes you might need a friend to come and save you. When you push the button, you can send a text message with your location to a friend so they can call or come and help you out. Set different messages on click/double click and hold. For example – Click: “I’m fine, doing well here”, Double click: “Please call me”, Hold “GET ME OUTTA HERE.”

But what if you don’t need saving? What if you want your date to go to the next level but all the hints you’ve been dropping have fallen on deaf ears? Flic can help here too by dialing up sexy to the max.

You can…

– Push the button to trigger your ‘Netflix and Chill’ playlist while making your home shimmer in red.

– Discreetly push it to turn everything off while you’re watching TV and claim the power’s out. (Did you know that more babies are born nine months after a power outage?)

– Configure Flic to send a message to your loved one (think hearts, flowers, or the eggplant emoji ) so they finally get the hint!

The possibilities are endless with Flic and with our Singles Day Flash Sale, what better time to try them for yourself?

Flic Singles Day Flash Sale

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