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Flic Page turner for forScore

Edit: Please note that the forScore implementation in the Flic App for iOS is not officially supported by forScore. Please see forScore’s list of supported accessories here. 

We constantly see new use cases for Flic buttons, in fields we never thought about. Recently, we found an idea at the Flic Ideas Forum that we decided to explore.



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

This is a quality of life changer!!!

I will be sure to share with all my teacher friends.

Thank you again!!



Can Flic buttons be a quality-of-life changer? Jim above, a music teacher in Qatar, found out that he can use a Flic button to turn pages on an iPad.

Newzik app in action

Simple as that may seem, Jim now uses Flics to turn pages of sheet music when he teaches and performs live. As a conductor, he can hold the tiny buttons in the same hand as his conductor’s baton and press when it’s time to change page.

Before Flic, he had to interrupt his flow by touching the mounted iPad in front of him. Jim uses forScore to read notes, an iPad app for sheet music.

Newzik, a digital sheet music app with a focus on collaborative music, work just as well with Flic. Aurélia Azoulay, Head of Business Development at Newzik, shares her thoughts:

“Using Flic to turn pages is with Newzik is a great idea. Our partner orchestras and teaching classes often raise the fact that they have to look at their feet to use pedals. With Newzik’s cloud-based platform, a conductor or a teacher could even use one Flic to turn the pages of all the musicians’ iPads synchronized.”

The Setlists app

Classical music is not the only application for Flic as a page turner. David Hellgren is a guitar player and singer from Sweden, who read lyrics with the Setlists app for iPad when he performs.

“I’ve got Flic mounted on my guitar band, and press it to scroll the Setlist App when I sing. It just looks awkward if I would reach for the iPad when I perform.”


We just released a new version of the Flic App for iOS that includes support for forScore, Newzik, and Setlists. If you are a musician yourself, try it out! If you would like to share your experiences, a short note on the Flic Community is much appreciated! And if you know professional musicians that may find this useful, please share.

Flic can be mounted on instruments and stands.


Read more and order a Flic button here.


Next thing? We suspect that Flic is being extensively used on motorcycles. If you use it that way, please let us know – we would love a short interview to see how we can make Flic better for you.

Love, The Flic Team.

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14 thoughts on “Musicians turn the page with Flic

  1. That’s excellent, just what I need.
    However, the simplest way for me to make music digital is to scan pages into PDFs. Can I use flic to turn pages in PDF-reading apps too? Maybe even on android?

    1. Hi Olov,

      Sure, you can use iBooks to read the pdfs and turn pages with the iBooks function. Unfortunately, this can’t be done on Android.


    2. To turn pages in pdf is exactly what i want, but in android.
      I have all my texts and chord in pdf for my guitarrplaying and a bluetoothpedal för turn pags. I bought a Flicbutton later this year but left it back to the dealer cause I failed to program the button.
      Can you please develop possibilitis for Androidstablets too?

  2. How do I prevent a sound (a blip) occuring when I turn a page in forScore using Flic? I also have a bluetooth pedal for the same function, and this emits no sound on changing pages. Reducing volume in the iPad does not help

    1. Hi!

      You should be able to lower the volume on the iPad, but note that the physical volume buttons sometimes only changes the ring tone volume. To change the media volume you can go to Action Center (swiping up from the bottom of the screen) and turning the volume all the way down.

      You can also disable the trigger sounds in the Flic app by going to the main menu (top right) and selecting Settings.

      Please select “None” for Button notifications.

  3. Hi.
    I am running flic app version 2.2.11 from 11 sep. I have forScore installed, but there is no support for it the flic app as far as I can tell… Am I missing something here?

      1. Hey guys,

        If you can’t find the ForScore application in the Flic App it may be because you have an old version of Flic. Can you find the functions “Home Button” or “iBooks”? If not, see if you can update your button (In the main screen there is a red symbol next to your Flic). If you can’t, you may have a very old version, in which case you can email our support to get a discount for a new one.

  4. Hi! I’m writing you from Spain. I’m cellist and flic would be perfect for turn pages While i’m playing. I have an android tablet. It’s possible that flic works with any PDF App reader?
    Thank you!
    (Sorry for my english)

    1. Currently, this functionality is not available on Android I’m afraid. If you want, try to reach out to the PDF viewers developers. They can easily create support for Flic.

  5. Can I definitely use Flic with ForScore on iPad, assuming I have the latest versions?
    I am an organist and have been trying to find a way to attach a BlueTooth switch to the back of each of my shoes using Velcro, or a clip or something. I want to be able to tap the foot rest under the bench with the back of my shoe when one of my feet is free, (one foot for full page turn, the other for a half turn).
    The switch would need to be able to withstand relatively hard and repeated impacts. This would be a dream come true as I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time!

    1. Hi Bryan, looks like you found your dream solution. Flic is very small so it may be a problem to hit it each time with your foot. Then again, I bet your foot coordination is excellent. You would just have to try. Good luck!

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