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Winners announced on November 2nd:
  • First 3 winners will receive a Flic 6-pack
  • The following 8 winners will have the opportunity to be featured on our Halloween-themed Social Media carousel, displayed on our website
Our team will internally select the winners. We'll primarily focus on factors such as originality and the level of fun and excitement in the use cases. We want to inspire creativity!

How Flic Works

Flic Button

Three triggers. Endless combinations.


Double Push


Flic Twist

Push and Double Push are also available on the Flic Twist.
Push & Twist
Tricks and Treats with Flic Buttons
Halloween Playlist
Program Flic buttons to start your Halloween playlist. You can pause or skip songs from the playlist with a push of a button. You can have buttons for different types of music – from horrifying soundtracks to classic Halloween songs.
Doorbell Button
Configure Flic buttons to replace the doorbell sound. Connect the Flic button to your speaker and choose a special sound. For a bit of fun, consider a quirky or playful welcoming tone.
Magic Tricks
Program your Flic button to become the wand that initiates spells, casting enchantments upon your lights, sound effects, and smart devices. One push is all it takes to command the eerie ambiance and set your Halloween stage.
Out of drinks Button
Set up a drink station with a Flic button in you Halloween party and whenever your guests need a refill, they can simply push the button to signal you.
Haunting Lighting Automations
Program your Flic button to dim the lights and mimic the warm, flickering glow of candles. Whether it's a romantic Halloween dinner or a chilling party, Flic lets you effortlessly adjust the lighting to match the spooky atmosphere, all at the push of a button.

Get started with Flic

Whether you're just getting started with Flic or looking to expand your Home Automation, these Flic Bundles are our users favourite choice.

For Smaller Homes, with a few Smart Home devices
For Bigger Homes, with expanded Smart Home systems and advanced automation setups


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