Seraph Brass is an award winning brass ensemble consisting of top female brass players, captivating their audience during their live performances. Recently, the group got a surprising new assistant: It’s small, it can be placed anywhere and allows them to stay focused on their performance eliminating an important issue they were facing. You guessed it, Seraph Brass are using Flic buttons. Let’s see how they help them.

How Flic assists their live performances

Cristina Cutts Dougherty, the tubist of the group tells us that as a group, they perform exclusively with their music on iPad’s, and they are always looking for new ways to streamline and make performing easier. They also stand to perform, making it difficult to stay focused on the performance while having to look down and locate a foot pedal to turn the page.

Victoria Garcia, the trombonist of the group who is also a regular substitute for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, began using the Flic button in Fall 2021 when she won her position with Seraph Brass. She learned of this nifty page turning system from her colleagues at BSO and once she got used to it, she never turned back. After some time, others members of Seraph Brass began to see the benefits of this smart Bluetooth button. This is how Flic entered the lives of the quintet and became part of their performances ever since. 

The Flic button has eliminated the page turning problem for me. I stuck my button to the back of my tuba valves, and I feel so much more comfortable performing with my iPad now” says Cristina. Rachel Velvikis, the horn player in the group, also uses the button and places inside her bell, making it easier for her to perform without losing focus. The small size of the buttons is another advantage, since the band is a touring ensemble and they need to pack light.

“Τhese buttons have truly become essential to what we do as a group.”

Cristina Cutts Dougherty, Seraph Brass

Flic smart buttons can be transformed from page turners to panic buttons, light switchers and a plethora of integrations. We offer you all the tools you need, you focus on the actions you want Flic to trigger.

Read more about our services on our Business site. Otherwise, feel free to contact us, we look forward to help you add value to your product or service.

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