Flic – The Smart Slack Button

Slack has revolutionized the way companies handle their internal communication. Take Slack to the next level by having wireless buttons to send messages to your team through Slack.


Easy Access to Slack

Setting up a Slack button is quick. Assign messages to each trigger, so with the push of a button, you can send Slack messages instantly to your team.


All Hands Meeting

Notify your team when it’s time to gather.

Double Push

Lunch Time!

Hungry? Need to let your coworkers know? Slack them!


Coffee emergency!

Send the receptionist a message to bring a fresh can of coffee.

Smart Buttons for your smart office

Place Slack buttons all over the office to send messages with a wireless button. A great tool both for broadcasting team events and send notifications to specific people.


Know what each button does

Flic Stickers allow you to customize your buttons to make it clear for everyone what each button does.