The Apple HomeKit Button

Effortless Home Automation: Trigger Your Apple Home Devices and Routines with the Push of a Button


HomeKit Control with Flic Smart Buttons

Flic buttons redefine smart living with their versatile simplicity. With the Homekit integration, running over Bluetooth between the Flic button and the Flic Hub users are empowered to control any HomeKit accessory effortlessly – from lights to locks systems – all at the push of a button. Enjoy personalized scenes, easy device control, and explore the full spectrum of HomeKit-enabled devices here.

Compatible with all Apple Home Accessories
Smart locks
& more

HomeKit functionality is exclusively accessible with Flic 2 and Hub LR. Unfortunately, it's not compatible with Flic Twist, as Apple does not support the use of dimmers as a physical rotational input device, limiting support solely to dimmable lights.

Benefits of using Flic with Apple HomeKit

Simplified Control Across Devices
Whether it's adjusting lights, managing your thermostat... Flic offers a single, tactile interface for seamless control without missunderstandings.
Effortless Scene Personalization
Flic's integration with HomeKit allows you to trigger customized scenes at the touch of a button, making your home environment adapt to your preferences with ease.
Extensive Compatibility
Control lights, speakers, smart locks, air conditioners, security systems, thermostats, and a variety of other HomeKit devices with a simple push of a button.

Set up Apple HomeKit with Flic

It’s simple and easy! It can take up to 1 minute
Plug the Flic Hub LR
The Hub will appear in the Flic App directly. Pick the correct one and insert the password, if necessary.
Add your Flic
Press and Hold your Flic until it connects. This should take no longer than 10 seconds.
Add to HomeKit
Press the Add to HomeKit button on the Flic App and the triggers will automatically appear under each action.
Configure each button in the Home App. You will need to select the scene you want to trigger for each action of each individual button.
The Flic button is a Bluetooth-connected button.It can also be considered a WiFi Button that communicates through Bluetooth, as it controls your connected device (iOS, Android, Mac or Hub). Consequently, any device you intend to activate using the Flic button must be within the same Wi-Fi network as the connected device.

Control all Apple Home Devices like magic

Morning Routine Optimization

Kickstart your day by placing a Flic button near your bedside. With a single press, you can trigger your HomeKit-enabled lights to brighten, your favorite morning playlist to start playing on connected speakers, and the thermostat to adjust to your preferred temperature. Begin your day in a personalized and energizing environment, all with the push of a button.

Enhanced Home Security

Improve your home security with Flic buttons strategically placed at key entry points or by havingthem with you. Once in proximity to the home wifi you could use them to control your lock. Pressing the button activates HomeKit-compatible security systems, locks your smart locks, and adjusts your cameras – providing peace of mind with a simple touch, whether you're leaving the house or heading to bed.

Movie Night Magic

Transform your living room into a film sanctuary effortlessly. Place a Flic button next to your sofa and program it to dim the lights, lower the blinds, and start your TV. With one push, create the perfect ambiance for movie night, eliminating the need for multiple remote controls or app navigation.

Simplified nighttime routine

Streamline your nightly routine by placing a Flic button on your bedside table. With a single push, change the brightness of the lights or turn them off, lock the doors, set the thermostat to your preferred sleep temperature, and activate soothing music. Transform your bedroom into a serene haven with minimal effort, ensuring a peaceful transition to bedtime.

Smart Garage Control

Stick a Flic in your car for seamless control of your HomeKit-connected garage door as you approach your house. With a quick push, effortlessly open or close the garage door, ensuring both convenience and security.

Smart Sprinkler Management

Integrate a Flic button into your home landscape, providing effortless control over your HomeKit-connected sprinkler system. From adjusting watering schedules to initiating manual watering, manage your lawn care with ease—all at the touch of a button.

“I have to say I like them a lot. If you live in a household where some of you like smart home kit and others are more skeptical, these buttons could be a great way to bridge the gap.”
“There are many possibilities for using but- tons, but you can rarely find such a versatile and universal product as the Flic buttons. [...] It is hard not to recommend this product.”
“Flic is the easiest to use and best performing of the ever-increasing smart button bunch”
“If you have got a smart home setup going, you can use it to dim the lights and launch Netflix with one touch. If you are jogging at night, you can use it as a panic button, configuring it to send your location in the event of trouble. [...] You can probably use Flic to do it without taking your phone out of your pocket."

Sticks to any Surface

Re-usable adhesive works like a magnet but for any surface.

Take it with you

Easily attach to clothes, keychains, or apparel.

Place Anywhere

In plain sight for anyone to see or secretly hidden.

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With Flic, the possibilities are endless. Explore a diverse range of integrations accessible through the Flic App or the Flic Hub. Plus, you can even create your own unique trigger and bring your imagination to life with our Hub SDK.

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