HomeKit Light Switch

Toggle all your Apple HomeKit compatible devices and smart lights with a button instead of an app.

Hey Siri, silence please.

Push a button to start or stop your music, radio, or podcast instead of asking Siri.

HomeKit Routine Switch

All of your magic HomeKit Routines, now at your fingertip.

Simple Smart Home with Flic Button in the HomeKit Mix

With Flic ́s new HomeKit integration, you are able to control any HomeKit accessory using Flic, ranging from a simple Light switch for HomeKit connected lights to your sprinkler system.

Check out the full list of HomeKit enabled devices and find your favorite.

“Finally got the new generation. Its quicker, has better response, longer range and battery. I even got my wife and kids to use them!”

Anders Granholm

“Absolutely amazing!! The idea of being able to stick a discrete button anywhere that has the ability to trigger multiple scenes or devices directly in HomeKIt has changed multiple workflows for my family. [...] Flic makes these integrations feel like you have all the power in the world, at the press of a button.”

Scott McKay

“Integrating Flic with HomeKit is a breeze. And the ability to start my TV, dim the lights and turn on the popcorn machine in one click, is unbeatable.”

David Karlsson

HomeKit Smart Switch

Flic buttons are small and descrete. Place them any- where instead of traditional light switches and smart light switches.

Any HomeKit Routine

In the Apple Home App, you can choose to trigger Alexa Actions, Alexa Skills, or Alexa Routines. You can also type your exact voice command and have your buttons trigger that.

The smallest and most capable HomeKit Button

Sticks to any Surface

Re-usable adhesive works like a magnet but for any surface.

Replaceable Battery

Flic Button last for years on a standard coin cell battery that can be easily changed.

Customizable with Stickers

Make it clear what each button does with icons in the sticker pack accessory.

Place Anywhere

In plain sight for anyone to see or secretly hidden under the table.

Flic – The Wireless Smart Home Button

Flic is not only a HomeKit Button. In the Flic App for iOS and Android, you can choose between dozens of native integrations that woks just as well without HomeKit.

Three triggers. Endless Combinations

Smart light switch on push, smart music switch on double push, and wake-up routine on hold. It is never complicated to send a command with a Flic button.


Double Push


Simple Setup in the Flic App

Anyone with a smartphone can do it in a minute.


Plug it in

The Hub appears in the
Flic app directly.


Add your Flic

As soon as you push it,
it will appear in the app.


Pick your function

Choose from hundreds
of combinations.

The Flic Hub is recommended in most cases, but not required. Flic buttons can connect directly to phones, tablets, computers, and more as well.