Wow – that was a successful launch.

We launched The Flic Hub on Indiegogo and received $200,000 in pre-orders in less than 24 hours.

Here is how that came to be.

The Flic fans, our brand ambassadors, are the people that made this happen. Many of who have been with us, supporting us from the original launch of the Flic button. You know who you are, and even if you’re humble and think you only shared it once on Facebook – you, too, made this happen. THANK YOU.

This was our second launch on Indiegogo. Although there is an exciting month ahead of us, and we still have a lot to go until we reach the $640k of our last campaign, this was a much quicker start than last time.

In fact, we got four timed as much preorder value the first day than what we got last time. The team was excited, to say the least.

So what did we do to reach this rocket start?

We talked about the Flic Hub, months in advance.

It’s not like 2338 backers saw the Hub for the first time and decided to buy instantly – that would never happen unless you’re a big and famous consumer brand.

Quite the opposite, most of them knew what they were buying before even heading to Indiegogo. In fact, they had even scheduled exactly when to click which link, to get in as early as possible.

Many crowdfunding campaigns, startups, and early product launches make the mistake of not talking about their product in advance. Perhaps they look at Apple and the likes that keep everything disclosed until launch date. Perhaps they’re afraid someone would steal their idea and release ahead. That’s not how we have run things.

A Pre-launch referral campaign

In a successful crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to get as many interested people in as early as possible after launch. So we sell the product promise in advance and gather as many qualified email addresses ( = interested people) as possible.

We talked about the promise of the Flic Hub officially on a new site – We did not mention any details or exactly how the product would work, nor did we reveal the price of the Flic Hub. If people were interested in the promise, they were encouraged to sign up.

Once signed up, they landed on a referral campaign site with a unique and personal URL to share. The more they shared it, the greater the reward.

As long as the incentive to share is good, people will share – and surely, they did!

We asked our most loyal customers for help.

As mentioned above, we contacted our brand ambassadors. These are the people that love Flic. We gave them an even better incentive to share than what was official. They got better rewards for sharing (after all, we want to award our fans!) but also more detailed requests to post information about the Flic Hub in forums and talk about us in their channels.

Ads to the Pre-launch campaign

We ran Facebook ads to with two intentions:

  1. Get more eyes, interest and email signups, spurring the referral campaign.
  2. Optimize the messaging.

The latter is arguably most important. Running several different ads is an effective way to see which text and image that are most likely to spur interest. We then used these learnings to build up the content on the Indiegogo page.

Online thunderstorm

At the time of launch, we sent out heaps of emails to our different email lists, social media posts, and much more. The message was clear – there is a limited amount of bundles at super early bird price, and the sooner you invest, the lower your price.

We shared all we could at the same time, and again, we asked our ambassadors to the same.

In advance, we had talked to a lot of news sites and had given them a set time to post. CNN, Digital Trends, Apple Insider, Slash Gear and many others released news about the launch at the same time. (This was one of the reasons that we didn’t reveal any details of the product in advance – the news site must have something new to write about!)

We found a well-reputed hunter to post the Flic Hub at Product Hunt on the same day as well (Thanks, Jack!). Product hunt is a great place to post if you know the community, and we had a lot of success with it when we launched Flic for Mac a few months ago.

All these efforts at the same time spurred a huge peak in traffic to the Flic Hub Indiegogo site and resulted in this unexpected first-day success.

Check out the Flic Hub campaign here – if you just want a Flic, you can still buy one here.

With excitement,

Introducing the Flic Hub

More than two years ago, we successfully launched Flic on Indiegogo. To date, we have sold and delivered over 200,000 Flic buttons globally.

Now, we’re at it again. The Flic Hub is ready to be released on Indiegogo!

Our most requested improvement
The Flic Hub makes Flic even better than before. It brings WiFi connectivity to Flic so that anyone in your home or office can use the same little smart button, at any time.

Flic Hub Logo

No need for a smartphone
Until now, Flic has always required the Flic App to run on a smartphone (or a Mac) nearby. We want everyone to be able to use Flic, not only the person that configured it in the first place.

With the Flic Hub, you will no longer need a smartphone nearby to use Flic. We put the Flic app on a small computer that you plug into the wall. The Hub has WiFi-connection and links your Flics directly to the internet or your locally connected things.

Perfect connectivity
We designed the Flic Hub ourselves, and thereby own the end-to-end connection between the Hub and Flic. This means that we no longer have to rely on the quality of your smartphone’s Bluetooth – it’s unreliable and buggy nature have caused our developers a lot of gray hairs over the years.

The Flic Hub has significantly better connectivity than any smartphone out there, optimized for Flic and your smart home. With double custom Bluetooth chips, The Flic Hub can connect to 64 Flic buttons, Bluetooth speakers, and smartphones at the same time, with next-to-zero delay.

Flic Hub IR Blaster

Control thousands of devices with IR
Let’s face it: our favorite home equipment is not always that smart and connected. With the Flic Hub’s optional Infra Red (IR) accessory, you will be able to control even your old stuff.

Connect the IR accessory to the Flic Hub and point it to your legacy TV and HiFi equipment. The IR accessory will act just like your old remote control. Now, you can use Flic to turn on your TV, set that amplifier to the right input mode or to switch on your Air Conditioner.

Make any speaker a Flic’able Bluetooth Speaker
Connect the Flic Hub to your stereo amplifier with an audio cable and use Flic to control the Music.

Crowdfunding the production
Hardware is expensive, with all the tools and certifications needed. We are asking for your support once again to fund the production. If you preorder the Flic Hub, you will get it first of all, for a very discounted price, months before it will be available in retail.

The Flic Hub will ship already in October, provided that we can raise the money needed. Compared to most crowdfunding projects, this is a very safe bet – we know hardware and have already successfully shipped hundreds of thousands of products.

We have learned so much during these years, and we have expanded the team a lot since our first crowdfunding campaign.

Sign up for the launch
Make sure you sign up at to participate in the launch. When you sign up, you will be directed to a sharing campaign. If you choose to share our campaign with your friends, you will be able to reap some generous gifts.

Love, Joacim

What does the Flic team have in common with marathon runners?

Tomorrow, thousands of people will run 42 195 meters through the streets of Flic’s hometown, in the 39th edition of Stockholm Marathon. We have some hobby runners in the Flic team, and I, being a former professional football player, still like to test my limits miles after miles on a weekly basis. Though I will not compete in the Stockholm marathon, I see a lot of similarities between running a marathon and working in a startup.

Here are my best tips on how to make the most out of the ride;

1) Race at your pace. We make hardware, and that is damn hard. By nature, we don’t grow as fast as recurring revenue- or software companies and we don’t strive to do that either. We go at our own pace, and so should a marathon runner. You can be sure you’re set up for failure if you try to keep up with the elite runners.

(Note! we never said that you have to run slow, just make sure to keep a pace that allows you to last for the whole 42 K..)

2) Ask for support. Running can be a lonely sport, and at times, so is the life of an entrepreneur. Don’t make it tougher than it already is. Involve your friends and family, tell them about the journey that you are on and rely on their emotional support. We would not be where we are with Flic today if it weren’t for our amazing network of family, friends, and users. So on race day, don’t be afraid to ask everyone you know to come out to cheer for you. The feeling when you embark along a path lined with your close ones cheering you on is unbeatable.

3) It’s a mental game. You think you can’t take it any longer? Hang in there and start visualizing the finish line. Nothing works better for your motivation than a clear picture of the end-game. You’ll be surprised how much further you can go.

4) Stay focused. When working at a startup, you never really clock out. You need to get as much done as possible, in as little time as possible. Pick up your smartphone to check emails when you’re in your most productive hour and you can be sure that your flow will be disrupted. The same goes for runners – focus is key.

If you are one of those running with a smartphone, don’t fumble with your phone on the starting line, attach your phone to your arm before and use Flic to;

  • Track your run with Runkeeper or Strava
  • Toggle play and change tracks using Global Music control
  • Send an SMS with the text “prepare the wave” to your support group when you are approaching the place where they are located

Last but not least, do not be afraid of failure, like stopping halfway. Instead, channel your energy into the hope of going all the way.

To all fellow start-ups and marathon runners out there – All the very best of luck to you from me and the rest of the Flic team!

/ Elin