Flic + Flow – get the most out of your working day

At Shortcut Labs, we are on a mission to defeat complexity. Everything we do is aimed towards helping people achieve more with less effort. This is where our new integration with Microsoft Flow comes into the conversation. For those not familiar with Flow, it is the latest contribution to automated workflows. It is an awesome suite of powerful and automated flows that will empower Flic users with even more options and possibilities. It gives full access to the Microsoft Suite as well as 100+ other services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more. By joining Microsoft in the quest of helping people work smarter and faster, we give you a convenient alternative to activating tasks and processes – a simple push of a button is all that’s needed.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Flow and Flic to get the most out of your working day;

alt text

Block your calendar
Blocking your calendar is a super weapon for better focus. Are you in flow and don’t want anyone to interrupt? Press Flic to block a “Do not disturb” afternoon in your Office 365 calendar. Urgent meeting? Press Flic to block out your calendar for the next hour.

Press Flic to track working hours in Google Sheet or Excel
Don’t hassle with time tracking software on your smartphone. Mount a Flic button to your desk and track how much time you spend at work or on your different projects. You can track up to three projects with one button – one command per project. Afraid that you might be missing a billable hour? Don’t worry, you can get an email notification for every successful flow run.

I’m going for lunch, who is coming?
Although eating lunch alone while you unravel a report or scroll through a spreadsheet is a way to get more out of your working hours, leaving your cubicle for a lunch out with your co-workers is a great opportunity to recharge. But don’t waste time asking around who wants to join you for lunch, just press Flic to send a slack message to your colleagues. Customize the message according to your liking and send it as a direct message or to a specific channel.

We also see huge potential in how Flow and Flic can help brick and mortar stores track important events such as;

  • How many visitors did you have today?
  • How many of those were men, how many were women?
  • How many cups of coffee did you serve?
  • How many lunchboxes were left to waste?
  • How many customers were happy with your service?

These are just some key insights that you can track by pressing Flic and link the data to Excel or Google Sheets. If using Excel, you can also automatically forward the data to Microsoft’s powerful dashboard tool PowerBi. This way you can present real-time data in beautiful graphs and diagrams.

Check out all our templates here and stay tuned, we will continue to update this site with new, powerful ways to help increase productivity.

Don’t have a Flic yet? Buy it here!

Love, The Flic team

Introducing: Shortcut buttons for Mac

Actual, wireless push buttons, not much bigger than the keys on your keyboard, that connects to your Mac through Bluetooth. No dongle required.

alt text

Today we’re proud to release the Flic App for Mac. It’s quite simple: we give you extra buttons for your Mac. Good’ol favorite buttons, but for your desk.

The Flic Mac App that we release today can be used to create shortcuts in two ways:
Pair Flic buttons to your Mac to quickly execute your favorite functions
Use Widgets to run shortcuts from your notification center without the need of Flic.

Download it here.

How to use it?
Here is what we thought about:

  • Keynote – use Flic as a tiny presentation clicker without the annoying Bluetooth dongle
  • Timely – use Flics to report time spent on multiple projects beautifully
  • Spotify – you know that play/pause function button that never prioritizes Spotify and that no longer exists on TouchBar? That, but wireless and working.
  • Smart home (Hue, LifX, Wink, Wemo)- Control light and music in the office without disturbing your workflow
  • IFTTT and Zapier to run Web scripts or controlling your other gadgets.
  • Slack – to let colleagues know you made a sale or that you’re going for lunch.
  • Internet Request – send a REST command on a click o a button.

Our Beta testers wanted this, so we added it:

  • VLC – Using a Mac as a media center? Flic to control it.
  • ChromeCast – stream pre-defined content with the click of a button. Your kids will love it.
  • XCode – automate your hacking.
  • Web browser – click to open a site.

If you miss a functionality, please suggest an idea here.

Just like in the Flic apps for iOS and Android, you can have multiple Flic buttons connected to a Mac. Each Flic can be individually configured to do multiple commands on either click, double click and hold.

In this setup, I have a green, a white and a turquoise Flic (all mounted on my external screen), a Widget to control the lights in my office and a widget to do this. Access the widget in the Mac notification center.

alt text

If you already have Flic – good for you! The new Mac app is free to download here. If you don’t have a Flic yet – buy it here or start off by trying widgets in the Mac app without Flic.

Bringing our expertise to a new platform

When we invented the smart button in 2013, we wanted to create a tool to save people’s time and to reduce complexity in technology. We had several use cases in mind. Put Flic in your home to control lights and music. Wear Flic to send distress messages or tell RunKeeper to start tracking your work-out. Give grandma buttons to call you easier. Take smartphone pictures from afar.

We came up with hundreds of applications and things to control with the button and built one of the most extensive apps we have ever seen, natively on both iOS and Android, implementing almost everything our customers wanted a button for.

Now we bring all that to Mac, along with the FlicLib – probably the best Bluetooth Low Energy library out there. Expect lots of new functionality to be added soon, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Love, The Flic team