About PulseVet

Pulse Veterinary Technologies (“PulseVet”) is the global leader in veterinary shock wave technology, and manufactures the ProPulse® and VersaTron® family of products. 

Shock wave is a non-invasive, high energy sound wave therapy that can improve the quality of and accelerate the speed of healing following musculoskeletal or soft tissue injuries, and assist with wound or bone healing, primarily with dogs or horses, but can be used on almost any animal. 

PulseVet’s products are backed by over 20 years of clinical research and used by the leading veterinary clinics, rehabilitation centers and Universities worldwide.

Why PulseVet needed a Smart button

Our old shock wave device had an air pressure foot switch activator, which was overly cumbersome.  An equine veterinarian might have to lift a horses leg, hold the handpiece to the horse, and step on the activator foot switch at the same time, which we would jokingly refer to as “shock wave yoga”

It was not practical to have a hard-wired activation switch on the handpiece, so the Flic button is ideal.

Flic is in charge of the Activation (start, stop, and reset) of our equipment.

Flic (the blue button) is in charge of the Activation (start, stop, and reset) of our equipment.

How has the process of integrating Flic into your system been?  

Excellent overall.  There are occasionally challenges with customers losing the Flic button, but we send two with each system.  Synchronizing a new Flic button can also be a minor challenge, since it requires WiFi connection for the first connection, and our customers are frequently working in locations without WiFi (barn or stable).

(This is solved with Flic 2 as no internet connection is needed to connect the buttons).

What are your future steps as both a company & with Flic? 

We will be looking to upgrade our device in 2 – 3 years, and anticipate that Flic will continue to be an important part of our product.

Read more about PulseVet and their technologies.

Flic 2

What is Flic? 

Flic is a Smart Button: a small and wireless push button that you can use to control apps, devices, and services. The main benefit of Flic is the convenience of simply pushing a physical button rather than using different apps or voice commands. The latest version of Flic is called Flic 2.

What can I use Flic for? 

You can use Flic buttons to control smart lights such as Philips Hue, LIFX, and IKEA Trådfri; to control music systems like SONOS and Spotify, run smart home routines, control third-party devices and services, and much, much more. Flic buttons are very versatile. Many companies use Flic buttons to control their own apps and systems. 

How do I use Flic? 

You can configure Flic buttons in the Flic App. There are three ways to trigger a Flic button: push, double push, and hold. You can select different things to happen when you push, double push, or hold each button, and you can select many things to happen in a row on each trigger. 

How does Flic work? 

Flic uses a proprietary implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with a receiver. Each button has to be connected to a receiver to work. The most common receivers are Flic Apps for iOS, Android or Mac, or the Flic Hub. Flic 2 can connect to any BLE-enabled computer if you configure it to be a HID or MIDI button, in which case it emulates a computer keyboard, mouse, or MIDI instrument. 

What is Flic Hub? 

Flic Hub LR

Flic Hub is an optional small gateway made for Flic buttons. You can connect many Flic buttons to a Flic Hub and then configure in the Hub what each Flic button should do. The Flic Hub is then connected to the internet or a local network and can execute commands from the Flic buttons. 

There are two versions of the Flic Hub: Flic Hub and Flic Hub LR. The latter is newer and differs from the former in that it supports Bluetooth LE Long Range and Apple HomeKit. 

Who makes Flic? 

The company behind Flic is called Shortcut Labs. We are a small startup from Stockholm, Sweden. Hello! 

A factory in Taiwan assembles Flic 2 and all Flic Hubs, and a factory in Malaysia assembles all older versions of Flic. 

What different versions of Flic buttons are there? 

Flic 2 is currently the only Flic button that Shortcut Labs produces. However, there were a few versions of Flic buttons before Flic 2. All of the old versions are still supported. 

Original Flic

The original Flic had silicone coating in different colors: White, black, teal, green, yellow, and white glow-in-the-dark. 

Flic Single: Flic Lights, Music, Find, Location, and Camera

The Flic Single series were lower-cost white hard plastic and single-purpose buttons with their function printed on the top. These included Flic Lights, Flic Music, Flic Camera, Flic Location, and Flic Find. For example, the Flic Music buttons could only control music applications and devices. Shortcut Labs discontinued Flic Single in 2017. 

Powered by Flic

Powered by Flic were Flic buttons that different companies could buy with their logos on, integrated into their own apps and systems. 

Flic 2

Flic 2 has replaced all previous Flic versions. They are made in white and black and can be ordered as-is or custom with different logos or symbols on top. 

What should I use a Flic button for? 

You can have Flic buttons all over your house, your car, or even in the office. You can stick them to any surface with the adhesive tape on its back or carry them around using the clip accessory. As long as your Flic is in range of its receiver (Flic Hub, a smartphone with the Flic app, etc.), you can place them anywhere. Even outside, since they’re weather and dust resistant.

Here are some examples: 

At home, use Flic to help you with your morning workout. With a single push – turn on your music, start your timer, and have Runkeeper track your workout. With a double push – keep track of your workout reps. By holding Flic down for a second – hang-up any incoming calls that might interrupt your workout.

In your car, use Flic to help you keep your hands off your phone. With a single push – play and pause your music, send a text message to a specified contact that you are on your way, and start your navigation system. With a double push – skip to the next track. Hold Flic down to share your location with a specified contact.

In your office, use Flic to help you manage your time. With a single push – set a timer, and at the same time, slack a post to your colleagues that you should not be disturbed. With a double push – send a mail to a group of people informing them that the meeting starts in 5 minutes. Lastly, hang up your incoming calls with the hold trigger when you are in the middle of a meeting. 

There are hundreds of different things you can do with your Flic buttons. 

What are others saying about it?

Many hundreds of thousands of Flic smart buttons have been sold and shipped to over 110 different countries. The press loves it, and CNET even made a cool video of their five favorite use cases for Flic.

How do I get Flic?

You can order Flic here.

About Enduro Rally

EnduroRally24 is the biggest and longest enduro event in Poland. The founder, Tomek Staniszewski also created other rallies such as the Land Rover Loop or the Carpatia Loop (in the Ukraine).

He came up with the idea of a mobile app called Easy Rally that replaces printed road books while racing.

Apart from saving costs on printing road books, the whole idea behind the app is to not have a paper road book rewinder and a tripmeter, as the app does it automatically for you.

Why the need for a wireless button

Tomek wanted to include an accessory to control the Easy Rally app without touching the screen. This created easier access to the app functions while driving or wearing gloves. The button therefore triggers a scroll through the road book and operated the tripmeter.

The integration process

Tomek explained how he thought the integration process of programming the Flic buttons to the app was quite simple and the developers that built the app had an easy time including Flic’s code into theirs.

What are your future steps as both a company & with Flic

“I want to promote my solution at all rallies, it works and is super friendly to rally participants”

Tomek Staniszewski, Founder

Read more about Enduro Rally

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About Rikshem

Rikshem is one of Sweden’s largest private property ownership companies. The business concept involves offering and developing residential properties and properties for public use in selected municipalities all over Sweden.

Rikshem takes significant social responsibility in their residential areas, and by focusing on sustainability as they want to contribute to healthy community development.

Rikshem owns properties throughout Sweden, from Malmö in the south to Luleå in the North.

Why there is a need for a wireless button

Dark and desolate areas are the main causes of perceived insecurity in many Swedish cities. Rikshem wanted to find out where those areas are in order to improve the neighbourhood overall safety feeling.

They decided that they needed a very simple but effective way to gather this data. Using a button where tenants can easily push a button when feeling unsafe or insecure was the perfect way of getting real and precise data to where these locations were.

Our collaboration

Flic assisted Rikshem in creating these special branded buttons. Flic also created the app functionality where the buttons were pre-programmed for the people participating in the study. All the tenant needed to do was to pair the button with their smartphone, download the app and then start to push the button when they were in an area where they felt unsafe.

Flic also created a heat-map where it collected the data of all the pushes so Rikshem could easily get a complete and simplified overview of the areas.

What’s the next step for Rikshem?

Rikshem created a national report based on the data and the information they received after conducting questionnaires to the ones participating in the study. Based off this report, they will implement improvements in the different areas in order to increase the safety and security.

In result, Flic buttons being handed out has facilitated the attainment of real and trustworthy data on the areas in need of safety improvement. This furthermore enhanced their brand value by listening and taking care of their tenants. Read the full report in Swedish here.

Rikshem and Flic were also featured on TV4

Read more about Rikshem

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About Rigado
Rigado provides managed sensor data infrastructure for commercial spaces. IoT solution providers use Rigado gateways and software to deliver real-time visibility for enterprise customers.

Why the need for a wireless push button

The Flic button provides an easy way for Rigado to enable a low cost, low power alerting mechanism in a variety of environments. It is useful in smart office and safe workplace environments as well as retail custom service.

Their business case

Rigado recently introduced Flic as part of their Presto Kit launch. Within the first month of launching the kit, not only had they seen high demand for it but they already taken some customers to pilot, with the Flic button playing an important role in enabling use cases for those customers.

Working with Flic

“Working with Flic has been great- they were very quick to turn our concept into a working product with a customized design. We were able to make the Flic button work with our Cascade gateway with no help at all, and the performance has been very reliable.

What’s the next step for Rigado? 

We will continue to promote the Presto Kit, and include the Flic button in future versions of it so that customers can easily see the benefits of the integration. Ultimately we hope to see a lot of scaled deployments utilizing Rigado and Flic together!

– Steve Gorretta, Director of Product.

Read more about Rigado

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It’s finally back in stock, our super cool accessory – The IR Blaster.
If you’re wondering what it is, keep on reading.

Back in the olden days, before Smart Home was a thing, our main way to control our electronics was with an old fashioned IR (Infra-Red) remote control and you had one remote for each appliance.

This kind of technology is still used by most TV’s set top boxes, sound systems, lighting and even air conditioners. This means, one remote per device, and if you have many devices, you probably have many remotes and are always mixing them up. Although this system outdated, elder appliances still work great and upgrading sometimes is expensive and unnecessary.

Sometimes, when leaving the house it would be nice to turn off all appliances and not go searching between the couch pillows for each remote.

However, since my old devices are not smart, does this mean it is not possible to control my “dumb” devices with some kind of unified remote?

We made it possible with the IR accessory for Flic.

Our IR accessory works as a bridge between your smart home and your… not so smart home. The IR connects to the Flic Hub and can mimic the button presses on your remote control. This way you can control your TV, sound system, lighting and even AC with Flic buttons. 

How to connect an IR accessory to your Flic Hub LR or Flic Hub

Connect your Flic IR Accessory to the Flic Hub via the 2.5mm connector and place the IR blaster, in the direction of the receiving device(s). The range of the IR signal is ~10m.

For best results ensure a clear line of sight between the IR blaster and the receiving device.

To setup your first action, simply select the IR blaster action within the Flic Hub app page. Follow the app instructions to start recording IR signals from any of your remotes!


As Flic allows for multiple actions to be triggered simultaneously, you can create complete scenes for each trigger.


Push – Turn TV on, dim your LIFX lights to 30%, pause music on your Sonos Speaker and turn down your blinds.

Double Push – Switch to the Playstation input, turn all lights off, lock your door (through IFTTT), and send a message to your gaming pals through Slack to tell them you’re going online. 

Hold – Turn everything off, TV, lights, music, coffee maker – you name it.

Set your Flic to: One push to take me home (country rooooads). Double push for next song. And most important, Hold the button to call my spouse 😛

Drive safe and don’t look at your phone, please.

How to do this in the Flic App:

IOS: function called Navigate, enter destination

Android: function called Navigate, enter destination and navigation type

IOS: Global Music Control, select “Next”

Android: Navigate Music, select type & application

Android: phone call, insert phone number

Smart doorbell time!
Put a sticker on a Flic and place it by your door to receive a notification as soon as someone presses it. Pro tip, share the discount code FLICNEIGHBOUR so your neighbours can get 10% off on flic.io.

IOS & Android: Works both with and without a Hub LR, we recommend a Hub LR for this action

  • Select the Hub, add a flic and select the action Slack Post, insert the message and channel or group.

I lost my phone… again

Are you always running around your house looking for your phone when you are in a rush? 📱

Pop a Flic by the door to make it ring! You too can be an organized human being like Ludvig here, look how happy he is with his Flics 😁

IOS: Find my phone function, select noise

Android: Find my phone function, select noise & flash light

Nightmares can be tough and calm music can help. Mount a button by your child’s bed so they can play music when needed 😴🌙


  • Spotify: select Spotify Web Connect, connect your account, select Media and select a playlist
  • Apple music: select Apple Music, select item to play


  • Spotify: select Spotify Web Connect, connect your account, select Media and select a playlist
  • Navigate Music: Select navigation time, and select the application

Want to prove that you are changing diapers more than your partner?

Place a Flic button by the crib to notify your partner to get more diapers, formula or whatever your baby needs. Not picking up your phone for simple texts can be super helpful and time saving 💕👼

IOS: Send a Text Message, input message and recipient.

  • Due to limitations in IOS, we are using a third party provider to send text messages, Twilio. You will need to buy credits when using this on IOS

Android: Text message, input receiver and body

Note that you need to use an international number format, starting with + and followed by the country code.

Place a Flic button by your office postbox or your home mailbox to get notified when the mail carrier arrives. Our favorite way is using our amazing Slack integration.

IOS & Android: Works both with and without a Hub LR, we recommend a Hub LR for this action

  • Select the Hub, add a flic and select the action Slack Post, insert the message and channel or group.

How many times has your pet tricked you into thinking you have not fed them, but your family member already did? 🦴

Mount a Flic button by the pantry where you store the food, and press it to send a message each time you feed them.

IOS: Send a Text Message, input message and recipient.

Due to limitations in IOS, we are using a third party provider to send text messages, Twilio. You will need to buy credits when using this on IOS

Android: Text message, input receiver and body

Note that you need to use an international number format, starting with + and followed by the country code.

Do you have a WFH hack with Flic?
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“We loved how creative, functional, and easy-to-use Flic smart buttons were. We saw a great opportunity for OnSong and musicians to utilize Flic’s solution for performing multiple actions from a single button.”

Dakota Kiebler, Marketing and Media Manager

OnSong is an app that helps musicians both onstage and offstage to be as efficient, prepared, and confident as possible in their performances. OnSong was originally developed by OnSong’s President to be a resource for his worship team to allow them to import, store, and edit their chord charts digitally on their iPads rather than carrying around large binders full of paper. Since then, OnSong has grown to be used by musicians of all kinds, from bar bands and cover bands, to ukulele groups, to singer-songwriters, to professional touring musicians like Phil Collins or Pete Townshend!

OnSong has worked with Bluetooth foot pedals for a while, but their larger size and restrictions in terms of where they can be placed could sometimes present issues. On the other hand, Flic smart buttons are small and mobile enough that they can be placed anywhere, even on your instrument, so that a quick press or double-tap of your finger can turn pages within OnSong, start or stop backing tracks and a metronome, and perform over 160 other customizable actions!

“Having a partnership between OnSong and Flic has been wonderful. They’re a great team of people and an amazing, innovative company that keeps improving. We’re thankful to be able to work closely with them and integrate their product with our’s!”

Dakota Kibler – Marketing and Media Manager

Read more about OnSong

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“Our partnership with Shortcut labs has been a powerful enhancement for our users on Anglr who are pairing the Anglr Bullseye – powered by Flic to the fishing experience had on the water. Most recently we’ve extended our offerings by embedding the Anglr Bullseye, powered by Flic, into the first smart fishing rod called the Virtual Rod with manfucaturing partner, Abu Garcia. We’re beyond excited for the 2020 fishing season and the value we’ll bring with the Virtual Rod.

– Landon Bloomer, Founder & President 

Anglr is a fishing intelligence platform built for anglers by anglers that consists of a free fishing logbook app that syncs across mobile and web devices. The app lets their users build private, powerful, personal fishing analytics always at their fingertips to help plan, record, and improve their fishing.

Using your phone to track your fishing journey is great, but there is an obvious obstacle in having to pick up your phone, unlock it and open the app just to pinpoint a location, especially when out fishing. This is why Anglr started looking for a wireless trigger to activate frequently used actions within the app.

In 2018 Anglr found and implemented Flic support with the Anglr app and they are using all three triggers, One-push privately records catches. Two-pushes mark private waypoint, and hold records specific gear changes. It’s that convenient to keep the phone tucked away as you go fishing.

Since then, the Flic button has been a large part of the Anglr app success. The Bullseye, as their custom branded Flic is called, is sold by Anglr on multiple online channels and selected fishing gear retailers across the US. The Bullseye also comes in a bundle with a premium subscription, making it a great product for on-boarding new customers.

In the Spring of 2020 the company partnered up with manufacturer Abu Garcia and took fishing gear to the next level by creating the world’s first connected rod. Following the launch of the Virtual Rod by Abu Garcia, Anglr is in discussions with several other gear manufacturers with the aim to embed Anglr connected buttons and create a full suite of connected fishing gear.

Read more about Anglr

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“Our bags are meant to provide the wearer with technology that provides convenience and reduces stress. We chose Flic because we believe that their product fulfils those two initiatives, along with the fact that they create high quality products, and they work closely with our team to ensure that the technology is working as it should. It has been an adventure! I was able to meet the team in person at the CES Convention in Las Vegas this past January and it was wonderful. We are so lucky to be working with such a great team of individuals.”

– Tracey Hummel, Founder

Bee & Kin is luxury handbags and accessories with a twist. They offer a modern play on classic shapes incorporated with DesignTech for a dynamic lifestyle. With the finest materials they strike the right note between style and function. Their mission is to make modern accessories that make life more convenient and help you be more present.

Tracey had originally read about Flic in a technology newsletter and realized that many of the functionalities, like find my phone and start a playlist, would be great to have in a bag. In October 2018, Tracey reached out to Shortcut Labs and the partnership started to evolve. 

“Shortcut Labs have been incredibly supportive of what we’re doing at Bee & Kin, and it has been a great relationship ever since.” – Tracey Hummel 

Some favorite actions are find my phone, send a pre-programmed text or start a Spotify playlist.

For example: If you’re desperate to get out of a meeting that’s running long, you can push the button to have your cell phone ring, or if you’re on your way to meet your best friend for a cocktail, you can push to send a pre-written “5 min away” text as you get off the subway. In addition to these little life hacks, Bee & Kin aims to make their customer more present as she navigates through life by pushing a button instead of using their phones. 

About the Company 

Tracey Hummel founded Bee & Kin, in May 2019, because she felt there was a gap to fill in the luxury handbag market that fused technology with fashion that revolved around the modern woman.  Her experience with top brands such as Tory Burch, Salvatore Ferragamo, and David Yurman gave her a solid foundation in the accessories industry.

“For as long as I can remember I wanted to create classic accessories with a twist—beautiful products with exciting features that support you like family. I found myself struggling to find things in my bags and really envisioned different ways of tying in tech to make my search simpler. I realized that I wasn’t the only person with this struggle, which propelled me toward building Bee & Kin.” – Tracey Hummel, Founder

Bee & Kin bags can be found beeandkin.com

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