Control anything.
With a push.

Simplify your home & work life.

Included in the kit:
x1 Flic Hub LR
x3 Flic Smart Buttons

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Enjoy long range, great performance and many integrations.



Lights Off

Music On


People love buttons.
It’s simple.

Push a button & something happens.
That’s why people love Flic.

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Make your home smarter.
And your life simpler.

Flic for Life

Sticks Anywhere.
With Stickers.
Attachable Metal Clip.
For Key Ring & Jacket.

Ready for
Your 1000+ Apps.

Control 1000+ of your favourite services.

Popular ways of using Flic

Switch on/off lights

Having a conveniently light switch makes all the difference. Not having to get out of bed to turn the lights off, or turning everything everything on with a single press when you get home late at night.

Play/pause music

When the phone rings and your Sonos is playing on full blast, just push a button.

Phone control

So many apps with so many capabilities, but what if you didn't have to reach for your pocket every time you wanted to perform a simple task, and finding yourself reading emails for the next 45 minutes.

Snap photos

No more fiddeling with timers and auto shutters, with a Flic you are in control of the family photo.

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