Flic 2 Smart Button:
Control anything with a push

The little buttons that are simple to set-up in the app and even simpler to use.
Instead of apps or voice commands; push a button.

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The New Generation is Here

Discover the big Kickstarter successes Flic 2 and Flic Hub LR. Long Range, optimized performance, perfected hardware, HomeKit support (coming early 2020), custom icons, and much more.

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Buttons at Home

Smart Home Control - Lights, music, and appliances at the push of a button. Keep it simple for even the youngest family members to understand. Or go advanced with Flic’s endless configuration possibilities. Make it clear what each button does with icon stickers.

Smart Light Switch

Conveniently placed, the way you and your family wants it.

Simple Music Control

Play, mute, and skip. No apps or voice commands needed.

Your Full Routines

A simple push gets all things and services to work for you.

Requires the Flic Hub LR and will be released early 2020.

"Flic is easy to set up
and even easier to use"
"A Powerful and flexible way
of controlling your smart devices"
"Best UI of all."

Sticks to any Surface

Re-usable micro-suction cups works like a magnet but for any surface.

Replaceable Battery

Flic 2 last for years on a standard coin cell battery that can be easily changed.

Customizable with Stickers

Make it clear what each button does with icons in the sticker pack accessory.

Rigid Metal Clip

Attach to clothes or key ring for easy access on the go with the clip accessory.

Buttons at Work

Clarify workplaces and simplify work processes with buttons. A Flic button can control practically anything connected to the internet, any paired computer or smart device.

Daily Standup

Notify your team with a ping when it’s time to gather.

Order Coffee

Let the receptionist know to bring coffee to the meeting.

Tiny Clicker

Push to change slide and push twice to go back.

Simple Setup in the Flic App

Anyone with a smartphone can do it in a minute.


Plug it in

The Hub appears in the
Flic app directly.


Add your Flic

As soon as you push it,
it will appear in the app.


Pick your function

Choose from hundreds
of combinations.

The Flic Hub is recommended in most cases, but not required. Flic buttons can connect directly to phones, tablets, computers, and more as well.


Create powerful combinations or simple life hack shortcuts.

Leave home with confidence

Turn off all smart lights, smart plugs, sounds, and TV. Lower the temperature and close the window blinds. Send a message to work or have the valet bring the car.

Place buttons by the door and free yourself from worries every morning.

Start the morning strong

Get your home in an energizing state. Brew coffee, start your morning exercise routine and turn on the morning news.

Run that killer morning routine without touching your phone and risk distractions. Make your home wake up without waking your partner with a voice command.

No frills mood control

Getting the perfect n’chill feeling doesn’t have to be complicated. The sound, the entertainment, the temperature, and the light are at your fingertip.

Light the candles, pop the corn and let a button do the rest.

Three triggers. Endless Combinations

Smart light switch on push, smart music switch on double push, and wake-up routine on hold. It is never complicated to send a command with a Flic button.


Double Push


1000+ Compatible Devices and Services

An all-in-one smart home alarm designed to blend in to your home, easy-to-install, packed full of sensors, and can instantly alert you to threats in your home.

Explore Integrations

Custom Flic

Integrate Flic buttons to your app or business system. Hand out pre-configured Flic buttons with your design.

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