The Smart Button for Parents

Track daily routines and activities with a button-push

Kicks measurement
Kicks measurement
Push a Flic button every time your baby moves during your pregnancy.
Monitor Baby’s Feeding Times
Monitor Baby’s Feeding Times
Monitor feeding schedules by pushing a Flic button every time your baby eats.
Kids Activity Timer
Kids Activity Timer
Set limits on screen time, playtime, homework time and other activities effortlessly.
Meet Flic, your parenting companion

Meet Flic, your parenting companion

A one-of-a-kind smart controller that’s easy to use, and packed with innovative features that makes your daily life easier.
Versatile placement options
Versatile placement options
Reliable and built to last for daily use
Reliable and built to last for daily use
Seamless compatibility with smart home devices
Seamless compatibility with smart home devices
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Sticks to any Surface

Re-usable adhesive works like a magnet but for any surface.

Take it with you

Easily attach to clothes, keychains, or apparel.

Place Anywhere

In plain sight for anyone to see or secretly hidden.

Simplifying Parenting

At Flic, we understand that parenting is an incredible journey filled with precious moments. The Flic Button together with the Zapier or IFTTT integration will make this journey way more convenient. Additionally, we’re partnering with a dedicated baby-tracking app called Doter.

Both will offer you a seamless way to track and manage various routines and activities for your baby or kid.

How Flic Works

Three triggers. Endless combinations.


Double Push


Tracking at Every Stage of Parenting
During your Pregnancy
Stay in control during your pregnancy with Flic buttons.
Monitor your baby’s kicks & hiccups.
Log your blood pressure to control the health of your pregnancy.
Record every time you consume your vitamin pills in order to maintain a diary.
Our Zapier and IFTTT integration will record the data, making it easy to monitor.
For Parents with Babies
Control every aspect of the routine of your baby with a Flic button.
Easily time and log breastfeeding sessions.
Log your baby's sleep duration and patterns.
Keep track of breast pumping sessions.
Record diaper changes, including poop and pee.
Initiate soothing lullabies to ease your baby into bedtime.
Flic, together with Zapier or IFTTT, keep a record, ensuring a full control of your baby’s needs. In this case, you can also use the Doter app.
For Parents with Kids
Extra control, tracking and fun functions for kids with Flic.
Set time limits for activities like TV time, playtime, and homework.
Quickly alert your partner in case of emergencies.
Keep an eye on screen time and ensure a healthy balance.
Start storytelling sessions for a cozy bedtime routine.
Parenting made simple with our Zapier and IFTTT integration. Ps. Please be mindful that there is a battery in Flic buttons, where you might want to keep it at a safe space.

Seamless Integration with Zapier and IFTTT

With our integration with Zapier and IFTTT you can automate tasks and data-sharing across a variety of applications, making your baby's care routines even more efficient and enjoyable.
Do you want to learn on how to set it up? Discover more here.

Meet Doter, the go-to baby care app


Two London dads were driven to create Doter when they realized the challenges of balancing work and childcare. In just a year, Doter was born, offering a solution that simplifies parenting.

What does Doter do?

Doter helps parents and caregivers plan, track, and share care in categories like Feeding, Sleeping, Activity, Potty, Health & Growth.

The app's central Care Timeline provides visibility into care activities, both planned and impromptu, and the Care Plan allows scheduling in advance. Doter also makes sharing care with other caregivers effortless with the integration of the Flic button, ensuring a stress-free experience for all.

How to Get Started with Doter

Doter is an application for baby care, provides a seamless way to monitor feeding, sleep patterns, and various baby routines. It is among our B2B clients.
  1. Download the Doter App: It’s available for both iOS and Android.
  2. Create an Account: After installation, following the simple on screen instructions to create an account. It's quick and easy.
  3. Fill in the requested information: You will be prompted to provide essential details about your baby, such as date of birth.
  4. Pair with Flic button: Once your account is set up, you can pair your Flic Button by navigating to the account tab on the bottom panel. From there, go to the button manager and click on "Add Button.
  5. Start tracking! The Doter app will automatically organize and store all your baby's care data in one place.
Are you a business or do you have a baby tracking app? Contact us here.

Do I Need a Flic Hub?

You can connect Flic 2 directly to your smartphone or to any Flic Hub. The main benefit of using the Flic Hub is that your setup will always stay on, regardless of the presence of your smartphone. This ensures that both parents can access and monitor your child's needs at any time, even if one of you is away from home.

Flic Button Bundles

Great kits to get started with Flic

Accessories for Flic 2
Flic Button Metal Clip

Great for on-the-go functions, Flic isn't just limited to at home control - it can also be used to monitor your kids or babies needs, ensuring you're always in sync with their care.

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Flic Button Sticker Sheet

Get expressive with your Flics! Use stickers to tell everyone what each button does.

Set of two sheets with 20 stickers, including 3 blanks to paint your own. Fits Flic Button only.

Contains: 37 stickers with different symbols and 3 blanc stickers

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Flic Textile Attachment

A small accessory created with LumeoTech that elevates your Flic experience. Attach it to the textile of your choice and control your favorite devices with a button within the reach of your hand at your sofa, clothing, or other textile surfaces.

Contains: 1x Flic Textile Attachment

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Enhance your parenting journey with Flic Buttons. Whether you're expecting, caring for a baby, or raising kids, Flic simplifies your life.
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